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How to create a new Skrill account?

Registration of a new Skrill account is fast & simple, requiring only a valid email. VipDeposits provides you with priviliges of getting either a FREE VIP Silver or on special terms. The main point is to correctly sign up a new account and pass verification process.

Right after registering a new Skrill account, please fill in the application form and wait for our response with further instructions on verification. If, for any reason, you have not received our email within 24 hours, do contact us in online chat, Skype, Facebook, or by email.

There are 2 versions of sign up form: light and standard. Let's take a look at both.

Meanwhile, 2 forms have the same requirements:

To ensure that our link works correctly, please clean cache and cookies, swith off VPN and private mode in your browser (if you're using one of them) before clicking on it.
To sign up a new account, click here. Already have an account? Just fill in the form.
Right after your account is created, fill in the application form to join our program. 
Wait for our response with further insctructions.

Skrill light registration is easy & comfy!

In the open window enter:

  • first name,
  • last name,
  • email address (which will be your login),
  • password.

Further, agree that you are not a robot and review Skrill terms & conditions.

Agree with all of the terms? Then click Sign up now (screenshot 1).

That's it! Your account is registered (screenshot 2).

Now you need to:

  • wait for our response with further instructions.
In order to get a free VIP Silver with VipDeposits:

  • do not make any transactions in your account before you receive a confirmation email from us!
  • pass the verification process withn 7 days from the moment of registering a new account.

Standard Skrill Registration Form

Standard registration form has more required fields.

Enter your email, password, and click Next (screenshot 1).
Fill in your personal info: first and last name, country, date of birth, and click Next (screenshot 2).
Provide your address information (street, house, city, region, post code) and click Next (screenshot 3).  
Choose account currency (screenshot 4).

Okay, so the registration is completed! (screenshot 5).

But before you move to account verification, do not forget to fill in the application form on our website.

and wait for our response with further instructions!

No matter which of the above registration options you choose, in order to get free VIP Silver with VipDeposits you need to:

  • refrain from any transactions in your Skrill account before you receive our confirmation email!
  • pass the verification process with 7 days from the moment of registering a new account.

You should start verifying your account only after you receive a confirmation email from us that your account is successfully tagged to our program. 

If you do not receive any email from us within 2 business days, please contact our support.

Join now and enjoy exclusive benefits for your Skrill account!


If you already have a Skrill account, proceed to step 2 and complete the form.


Fill in the application form below

After filling out the application, you will receive an e-mail from VipDeposits, confirming your participation in the program.