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How do I register for a MuchBetter payment system with VipDeposits?
  • Go to the website of the payment system using our link.
  • On the MuchBetter website, enter your phone number, and set up a four-digit passcode which you will be using to enter the application. Be sure to provide a valid phone number to which an SMS with a code will be sent for confirmation of registration.
  • Select the currency of the account, and also enter your personal data: name, surname, e-mail, date of birth, and address.
  • After submitting your personal data, a new page will open and a six-digit code will be sent to your phone number. Enter it and click on “Next.”
  • Afterwards, you will receive an SMS with a link to download the application from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Launch the application and log in using your phone number and four-digit passcode.
What countries does MuchBetter not work in?

Afghanistan, Burmese, Venezuela, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Crimean peninsula, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan

How do I know that an account is linked to the VipDeposits and MuchBetter program?

If you created an account using our link, after completing the verification procedure, you will immediately receive all the benefits of our loyalty program.
If you have any further questions about our program, please contact our support team using any of our communication channels convenient for you.

How to verify an account in MuchBetter?

In order to take full advantage of MuchBetter, increase limits and remove restrictions, you must go through the verification procedure for your account.

  Uploading documents:
Upload a clear photo of one of the following documents: foreign passport / driver’s license / ID card. To upload it, use the MuchBetter application. In the “Limits” section, select “Raise my limits,” then select the type of document you want to use for the verification as well as your country of residence. The photo can be taken directly in the application.

  Online selfie:
The online selfie procedure also takes place in the MuchBetter app, in the same section where you uploaded the photo of the document.
More details about this procedure can be found here in the article about verification.
In case of technical problems, please contact our support team.

How can I verify my MuchBetter account and what documents are necessary for this?

To confirm the data specified during registration and to increase transaction limits, you need to upload clear scans (images/photos) of the following documents:

  • Your international passport or driving license.
  • Your utility bill or bank account statement for the last 3 months, stamped and signed by a bank employee (and made available in PDF format).

Photos of these documents must be sent to [email protected] with your phone number in the subject line.

Pay attention to the following requirements for these documents:

  • The address on the utility bill must match the one that was specified when registering the MuchBetter account; the document has a seal and authorized signature; and that the document was issued no more than 90 days ago.
  • Bank statement which was issued and dated no more than 90 days ago. The statement must contain the full name, address indicated during registration, the seal of the bank and the signature of the bank’s authorized employee.
Why was my address not verified on MuchBetter?

Most likely, the submitted documents did not meet the following requirements:

  • The documents must have been issued within the last 90 days.
  • The scanned copies must be in fully spread – all 4 corners visible – positioning.
  • Data in the document should be easy to read (full name, address, date of issue of the document, name of the organization, its logo, and seal).
  • Copies must be made from the original – screenshots are unacceptable.
  • Acceptable file formats: *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.bmp, *.gif, *.png, or *.pdf.
Why were my documents for account verification rejected on MuchBetter? And what should I do next?

Scans or photos of documents sent in the app or by email should be clear and easy to read, otherwise they will not be accepted.
The following are the main reasons for rejection of verificatory documents:

  • The documents were issued more than 90 days ago (applies to documents for address confirmation).
  • The personal data in the document did not correspond with the data in the account.
  • Documents were sent in unsupported file formats – the acceptable file extensions or formats are JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, and PDF (for documents to be sent by email).
  • Copies sent were not made from their originals.
  • Documents were sent in inappropriate physical forms: worn or damaged; and/or with some information blurred or erased.
  • All corners of the document were not visible. You must send copies of the fully spread documents.
How can I replenish a MuchBetter account? And what is the commission for a deposit?

Users from the CIS countries can top-up their account using several options like:

  • Visa / Mastercard – 0% commission
  • Tinkoff – 0% commission
  • Yandex.Money – 0% commission
  • Alpha-Click – 0% commission
  • Cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP) – 2% commission
  • Kiwi – 2% commission
What is the commission on currency conversion when depositing in or withdrawing from a MuchBetter account?

MuchBetter offers a 0.99% currency conversion fee.

How do I withdraw money, and what is the commission for making withdrawal of funds from a MuchBetter account?

There are several ways to withdraw funds for users from the CIS:

  • Bank transfer – 2.5% commission
  • Cryptocurrency (BTC, ETC, ETC) – 2% commission
  • Yandex.Money – 2.5% commission
What is the commission on withdrawals made from ATMs using a MuchBetter Mastercard?

A 0.99% Commission will be charged on ATM withdrawals using MuchBetter Mastercard.

Also, we would like to note that if the currency of the MuchBetter account differs from the currency that you are going to withdraw, there will be an additional conversion fee of 0.99%.

I cannot top-up my MuchBetter account using my bank card. Why?

Please make sure that you entered the correct card number, CVV, and expiration date, and try again.

Besides, the transaction may not take place because some banks do not allow you to use their cards for deposits in order to use funds for online games.

For example, in Russia at the moment, there are problems with deposits from some banks (including Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff, and Russian Standard) due to the Federal law No. 244.

So we recommend using cards from other banks like UniCredit, Citibank, or smaller banks.

What Cryptocurrencies can I use?

MuchBetter currently supports Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, and Ripple XRP.

To replenish your account, go to the mobile application and click on the “+” button. Specify the amount you want to fund your account with and select “Cryptocurrencies.” Next, select the required currency (the application will automatically calculate the amount) and provide an address for sending the payment. Please note that the transaction must be completed within 10 minutes due to the possibility of sudden changes in exchange rates.

* When making a deposit to the system with any Cryptocurrency, a commission of 2% is charged.

MuchBetter also supports withdrawing funds to your crypto wallet in 3 currencies:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC

* When withdrawing funds in cryptocurrency, a commission of 2% is charged.

How can I join VipDeposits with a MuchBetter account?

To join us, register on the MuchBetter payment system’s website through our link.

How can I get fob devices on MuchBetter?

In the “Devices” tab, select “Order NFC keychain.” The keychain will be delivered to the address you specified. The cost of production is €10; delivery is free.

To order a MuchBetter watch, select it in the “Devices” tab or order it on the official WinWatch website. The cost of the watch is €276.67.

Activate them in the MuchBetter app in the “Devices ” section using the code shown on the package.

Please note that the card, keychain and watch are only available for ordering in SEPA countries.

What limits are set for fob devices (keychain/watch)?

Contactless transactions with your fob device are limited to a maximum of 5 payments. After the limit expires, you can confirm 5 more transactions in the mobile app. This function is used to protect your account. The app allows you to freeze your fob device or card if it was lost or stolen.

How do I find the CVV number of my MuchBetter card?

MuchBetter takes Care of your safety when making online purchases with a MuchBetter card by using a dynamic CVV code. This way, the card is more secure because:

  • The CVV code is not printed on the map (or surface) so that outsiders do not have access to it.
  • The CVV code is constantly updated.

You can find your CVV code in the MuchBetter app by selecting “Devices,” then “Map”, and the dynamic CVV will be displayed in the upper-right corner.

What limits are set for the MuchBetter card?

The following limits are set by default:


  • Ежедневно 5 транзакций, общая сумма 300 д.е;
  • 30 дней: 15 транзакций, общая сумма 2 000 д.е;
  • 365 дней: 180 транзакций, общая сумма 20 000 д.е.

Лимиты на суммы транзакции в точках продаж (POS):

  • Daily: 5 transactions, total amount 300 currency units (cu).
  • 30 days: 15 transactions, total amount of 2,000 cu;
  • 365 days: 180 transactions, total amount of 20,000 cu.

Limits on transaction amounts at points of sale (POS):

  • Daily: 4,500 Yandex units.
  • 30 days: 22,500 cu;
  • 365 days: 90,000 cu

The currency of your country of residence is applicable to the above amounts (EUR / GBP / PLN). For example, in the UK, daily transaction limits are 300 pounds, in Germany – 300 euros.

If you need higher limits, please contact customer support via the app.

Where can I use my Mastercard from MuchBetter?

If you are located in the EU (with the exception of Norway), you can use the MuchBetter card for any transactions other than deposits on gambling sites.

For gambling deposits, use the MuchBetter wallet. Select MuchBetter in your Deposit funds, enter your phone number, and confirm the transaction in your phone.

If you are located in Norway, you can use the MuchBetter card wherever Mastercard is accepted, including on gambling sites, by selecting Mastercard in the site’s deposit methods.

The transaction was declined, but the money was withdrawn from my account. Why?

When making a transaction on a card, the card Issuer is first pre-authorized, in which case the transaction amount is temporarily withheld before settlement. If something goes wrong during the processing of this transaction, the merchant cannot make a settlement and cancel the transaction.

The transaction is canceled after receiving a notification from the seller, which usually occurs within a few hours to 7 calendar days.

As soon as MuchBetter receives a notification, the funds are returned to your account.

If this doesn’t happen, contact support via the form in the MuchBetter app.

ATM shows zero balance on my card. Why?

The MuchBetter account balance is not stored on the card but in a wallet that the ATM cannot access. You can always check your balance in the mobile app.

Contactless card payment does not work. Why?

You need to pay with your card using a chip and passcode once before using it contactlessly. This helps to prevent abuse of your card (for example, if it is stolen during delivery).

Card or NFC device lost / stolen. What should I do?

If you’ve lost your MuchBetter card, watch or key fob, don’t worry. In the application, click on the contactless symbol icon and select Freeze for the card; or click on the “Devices” tab and select “Freeze” on the device you want to block.

If you need to order a new card, write to [email protected]

A new keychain and watch can be ordered in the app.

Invalid operation notification while using my card. What should I do?

MuchBetter may attempt to refund money spent on a product or service that was not delivered. But before contacting support, please try to solve the problem with the seller directly, this is often faster and easier.
If you would like MuchBetter to initiate a chargeback procedure, please provide all the necessary information about the transaction; which are:

  • The date of the transaction.
  • Transaction amount.
  • Seller details.
  • The mode of the transaction – made offline / online.
  • Reason for return.
  • Any additional information: screenshots of the order, a letter confirming payment, etc.
Why am I having problems with sending and receiving P2P transfers?
  • Incorrect data
    If you have sent funds to the wrong phone number, immediately contact MuchBetter support via the in-app form or email: [email protected]
  • Money was sent to me, but I never received it
    First, check the list of your last transactions, if the funds were not received, check with the sender if he indicated the correct phone number. If the number was incorrect, the sender needs to contact support by mail or through the form in the mobile application.
    If funds are not claimed within 7 business days, they will be returned to the sender.
  • I was sent a translation and the application asked me to provide my personal data
    MuchBetter is regulated by the FCA, so in order to comply with the law, depending on the amount of funds transferred, you may be asked to provide personal information.
How do I make a deposit to a merchant using MuchBetter?

Using MuchBetter, you can make deposits to popular merchants such as Pokerstars, Betway, 888, Pinacle, Leovegas, Lottoland, Casumo, Betfair, PaddyPower and many more.
To make a deposit:
Select Muchbetter in the section with deposit methods. Make sure the phone number is entered in the correct format, otherwise the transaction will fail – [country code] [number without leading 0s]
For example:
UK: 44xxxxXXXXXX, not 0044xxxxXXXXXX, not 0xxxxXXXXXX
Russia: 7 xxxxXXXXXX

After making a deposit, confirm the transaction in the MuchBetter app.
If there are not enough funds on your account, you can replenish it and pay for the transaction later. You can see all pending transaction requests in the MuchBetter app in the Requests section.

How can I clear money from a merchant to my MuchBetter account?

On the merchant’s website, in the Withdrawal section, select MuchBetter as the withdrawal method.

Make sure the phone number is entered in the correct format, otherwise the transaction will fail – [country code] [number without leading 0s]

For example:
UK: 44xxxxXXXXXX, not 0044xxxxXXXXXX, not 0xxxxXXXXXX
Russia: 7 xxxxXXXXXX

After you have initiated the withdrawal of funds and the merchant has confirmed it, you should expect the amount to be credited to your MuchBetter account. Please note that withdrawal can take from 10 minutes to several business days.
If the amount received exceeds the limits set on your account, MuchBetter has the right to request additional information for KYC.

How long does the withdrawal take?

For users in the member countries of the EU, withdrawal requests are reviewed and processed every day. If you have any questions while using the application, please contact the MuchBetter support team.

After confirming the withdrawal request, the processing time will be as follows:

SEPA requests made before 1:30 AM in the UK are usually processed on the same day. The funds will be credited to your account on the next business day, if there is no delay on the part of the receiving bank. However, below are the conclusions from the following contexts:

  • In the UK: applications are processed by 4:30 PM on weekdays and are processed on the same business day.
  • In the Russian Federation: the withdrawal is executed the next day after the request. Please note that withdrawal may take up to 3-5 business days.
  • In Latin America / China: lead times are 1 business day, in some cases they may take up to 5 business days;
  • Withdrawals in BTC – within a few minutes.
How can I contact the MuchBetter support service?

Support can be contacted in several ways:

Through the MuchBetter mobile application – the fastest and most convenient way of communication is by using the “Help” section in the application menu.

Via e-mail at [email protected]

Through Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/paymuchbetter/

Via Twitter – https://twitter.com/paymuchbetter

* There is no Russian language support service.

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