ecoPayz cards

All ecoPayz customers* can use the company’s Mastercard card (or ecoCard) for making orders. You can use it to pay for goods and services in offline and online stores, as well as withdraw cash from ATMs.
The balance in the card is linked to the account balance. There are no fees for production and issue of the card.

*However, only customers residing in countries within the SEPA zone can receive the card.

ecoCard commissions

  • There are no service fees.
  • For withdrawing money from an ATM, the commission rate will be 2% (minimum 1.50 euro);
  • If the currency of the account and that of the ATM are different, you will also be charged a conversion rate of 2.99%.
  • In ecoPayz, users can instantly get three ecoCards in different currencies: euros, pounds, and dollars. It is advised to use this option to avoid any fees for currency conversion.

ecoCard limits

Clients of VipDeposits are automatically granted the Gold status with increased limits as shown below:
ServiceClients from VipDepositsRegular users
Withdrawal from an ATM at one time500 EUR250 EUR
Withdrawal from an ATM per day1 500 EUR750 EUR
Number of cash withdrawals per day33
Amount for a single payment in a store2 500 EUR1 000 EUR
Number of payments per day85
Amount of transactions per day4 000 EUR2 000 EUR
Amount of transactions per week10 000 EUR5 000 EUR
Amount of transactions per month30 000 EUR15 000 EUR


VipDeposits + ecoPayz

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