MuchBetter mobile application

Having a reliable and convenient mobile app is one of the key factors when choosing an e-wallet.

The MuchBetter mobile app is available for Android devices in the Google Play Store and for iOS devices in the App Store for free.


In this process, an SMS (which contains a link to download the MuchBetter app from an online mobile store) is sent to the user. The SMS is sent after the account registration is completed, and the link in the SMS is to be clicked to download the application. When downloaded, to use it, launch the application and enter your phone number and passcode provided during registration.

Sending and receiving payments

Using the MuchBetter app, you can make deposits to merchants, withdraw funds and send/receive money through transfers within the system.

If the recipient of the transfer does not have a MuchBetter account, they will receive an SMS with an invitation to open an account and the funds will be automatically credited to them the instance they open their MuchBetter account.

One of the special features of MuchBetter is the option to request money from another user.

To do this:


Launch the application, click on the “Transfer” button and select the “Request” tab.


Indicate the phone number of the person from whom you want to request funds, indicate the amount and write a comment if desired.

The user will receive a notification about the request to send funds, which can be accepted or rejected. If the receiver of the request does not have a MuchBetter account, registration is required to complete the transfer.

MuchBetter wallet replenishment

To replenish your MuchBetter account, launch the mobile application and click on the “+” sign to enter the amount and select the method of funding. Although options may vary by country of residence, standard deposit options, bank transfer and VISA card are available for free everywhere.

Transaction history

The MuchBetter mobile app stores the history of all transactions on the account. This history can be viewed by selecting the transaction you are interested in from the list of transactions recorded.

* Any transaction that qualifies as fraudulent will be canceled and MuchBetter has the right to restrict the use of the account.
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