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The ecoPayz payment system is actively developing in the market of electronic financial services, offering its customers a high level of service. The ecoPayz mobile app, launched by ecoPayz in may 2016, opens up even more opportunities for customers to work with their wallet.

The ecoPayz system applies high security standards; so, by using the mobile application, the users can protect their personal information from hackers, viruses and other spyware. Furthermore, the app ensures the security of your ecoAccount in the ecoPayz payment system, allows you to view your account balance and pay for goods and services while especially increasing the comfort of using your wallet. But what do you need to use the app? All you need to use the app to view your account balance or pay for goods and services is a smartphone with Internet access.

The ecoPayz mobile app is available for owners of smartphones that run on the iOS or Android operating system. You can download and install the ecoPayz app from either the App Store or Google Play Market, but your choice of a store should depend on your device’s operating system.

The developers did everything possible to make the ecoPayz app efficient, convenient and practical by ensuring that it:

  • has an intuitive interface;
  • has a reliable and safe mode of operation;
  • fully complies with the ecoPayz privacy policy.

Thanks to the mobile ecoPayz app for a convenient ecoAccount opening and management experience, as every client now has the opportunity to use it to:

  • register on the payment system;
  • open an account in 45 available currencies;
  • issue a virtual Mastercard* – ecoVirtualCard;
  • manage your accounts;
  • perform any financial transaction – withdraw funds to ecoCard*, fund your account, pay for purchases, transfer funds to another user of the payment system, etc.;
  • view the history of operations.
*Mastercard (or ecoCard) from ecoPayz is sent exclusively to countries that are part of the SEPA zone.

How to use the ecoPayz mobile app

To install the ecoPayz mobile app on your smartphone, you must:

  • Download it from the App Store or Google Play Market.
  • Wait for the installation process to finish.
  • Run or open the application.;
  • Enter your credentials or go through the registration procedure.

After logging in to the user’s personal account, the mobile app becomes ready to use when it has displayed the current balance on the ecoAccount.

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