Binance Verification

Verify your Binance account with VipDeposits! It gives the following advantages:

get unlimited and unrestricted access to all the features

receive a 15% discount for cryptocurrency transactions

increase the limits on deposit and withdrawal
The verification process consists of two stages which require:

Upload of a scan or picture of one of the following documents – passport, international passport, driver’s license, or any other valid ID card;


Online photo – taking a selfie for identification.

Pay attention to the following requirements for any document you intend to provide for verification:

  • Upload only these file formats – JPG, JPEG, PNG, and PDF.
  • All photos should be fully visible.
  • Screenshots are unacceptable.
  • The pictures should be coloured.
  • Do not use any photo editor to make changes to your photos – Photoshop or similar applications are not allowed.



Step by step instructions on Binance account verification:


Go to “Settings” → “Basic Information” → “Identity Verification”, click “Verify”.


Pick your country of citizenship from the list and then click on “Start.” Fill in your first name, last name, and date of birth. Provide the system with your residential address, postal code, and the city and country where you live.


Verify your identity. The list of documents depends on the selected country of residence. It can be a passport, driver’s license or an ID card. Provide the system with the pictures of the selected documents of high quality.


Then upload a photo of your face.


Return to “Settings” → “Basic Information” → “Identity Verification.” Find the “Face Check” button to take a selfie.


Upon successful verification of your Binance account, you will receive a message saying that your account verification has been completed.

Before taking a selfie, remember the following:

  • Forget about using filters.
  • Take photos without glasses as well as headwear.
  • Choose a place where there is enough light.
  • Make sure that your face is clearly visible.
VipDeposits + Binance

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