ecoPayz statuses

In the ecoPayz payment system, there are 5 levels of statuses, each of which opens up more opportunities to work with the account.

Users who have registered with VipDeposits are assigned Gold status after account verification, and they can also get the maximum possible VIP status under special conditions.


The main differences between the existing statuses – Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP – are as shown below.

ServiceClassicSilver GoldPlatinumVIP
Transfer to merchant per day1 000 €15 000 €20 000 €25 000 €30 000 €
Limit for all transactions2 500 €UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Transfers between your own sub-accountsNot availableFreeFreeFreeFree
Transfers within the system (to other users)Not available1.50% (мин. 0.50 €)FreeFreeFree
Number of ecoVirtualCard cards per dayNot available3455
Maximum account balanceNot available15 000 €100 000 €120 000 €Unlimited
The maximum transfer to another client in one operationNot available1 500 €3 000 €3 500 €4 000 €
Top-up with a credit or debit card – maximum per day200 €3 000 €5 000 €6 000 €7 000 €
Top-up from a bank account — maximum at one time1 000 €15 000 €100 000 €120 000 €140 000 €
Currency conversion rate2,99%2,99%1,49%1,49%1,25%

Information about other limits and tariffs can be found here.


Conditions for obtaining statuses for VipDeposits customers

It is more profitable to obtain your ecoPayz status through us (VipDeposits). You can confirm this by comparing the terms and conditions for getting statuses through us with those through regular means.

StatusTerms and conditions of receipt for a customer of VipDepositsTerms and conditions of receipt for a regular customer
Gold 1. Register for ecoPayz using our link to their payment system.
2. Pass the verification processes.
1. Account verification process.
2. Bank card verification.
3. Top-up of the account by the amount of €5,000 with a bank account, or €2,500 with a bank card.
4. Valid Silver status for 30 days.
5. Purchases made in the amount of €25,000.
VIP 1. Getting the Gold status with VipDeposits.
2. Making deposits amounting to €10,000.
1. Valid Platinum status for 30 days.
2. Purchases made in the amount of €250,000.

The assigned status will always be valid (for the entire time the account is used).


How long to wait for my account status to be upgraded?

For regular customers, this procedure takes about two business days. However, VipDeposits customers can expect to have their status updated as soon as two hours later (on business days). Oftentimes, the client receives an email notification of a new status assignment.

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