Skrill fees

Deposits and withdrawals from online poker, sportsbook and casino websites are FREE. To see the detailed information on other Skrill fees for regular and VIP accounts please refer to the table below:

Regular accountsVIP BronzeVIP SilverVIP GoldVIP Diamond
Required amount of transactions to merchants (per quarter) for obtaining VIP status€6000€15000€45000€90000
Required amount of transactions for obtaining VIP status after registering with VipDeposits€3000 within 30 days after joining loyalty program€5000 within 30 days after joining loyalty program€15000 within 30 days after joining loyalty program€45000 within 30 days after joining loyalty program
Additional account in another currencyNoNo+ 1 account+ 2 account+ 3 account
Dedicated Skrill managerNoNoNoYesYes
Dedicated VipDeposits managerYesYesYesYesYes
Skrill Prepaid Mastercard®*€10FreeFreeFreeFree
Daily limit for ATM withdrawal with Skrill Prepaid Mastercard®€900€1200€1500€3000€5000
Skrill Prepaid Mastercard® purchase limit€1000€3000€3000€5000€10000


Commissions & fees

Common account (not VIP)VIP BronzeVIP SilverVIP GoldVIP Diamond
Deposit with bank transfer, Visa or Mastercard**1%***1%***1%***1%***1%***
Withdrawal to Visa7.5%7.5% Free Free Free
Withdrawal to bank account€5.50€5.50FreeFreeFree
P2P transaction1.45%, min €0.50****1.45%, min €0.50****FreeFreeFree
Currency conversion3.99%3.79%2.89%2.59%1.99%
Skrill Prepaid Mastercard® cash withdrawal1.75%€1.80FreeFreeFree

* Skrill Prepaid Mastercard® is only available to residents of the EEA countries.

** Funds deposited with Mastercard can only be used for non-gambling transactions.

*** For users from non-EEA countries, the commission is 2.5%.

**** — if you uploaded funds to your account only via Р2Р transfer, NETELLER, paysafecard or BitPay, then the fee for the first P2P transfer will depend on the account registration date:

  • before 17.03.20: 20% (min. $30);
  • 18.03.20 and later: 10% (min. $100); 2,99% – all subsequent transfers;
  • after 8 April 2020: 4.99% – first and all subsequent transfers.

Just make an upload via credit/debit card or bank account to lower the fee to 1.45%. Also you can obtain VIP Silver on favorable terms (transact to merchants at least €5000) and send money for free.




Skrill Vip-status

Skrill customers can obtain one of the four VIP statuses: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond. Skrill VIP status depends on the amount of customer’s transactions: the more you deposit to merchants, the higher VIP level and its benefits you get.
Every customer who joined Skrill with VipDeposits via this link can get VIP Silver on special terms!

How get Vip-status?

To get VIP status on the most favorable terms with Vipdeposits, you need to:


Log in to your account;


Make deposits to merchants in the amounts required for obtaining a certain VIP level.

VIP statusQuarterly deposit amount required for regular customersQuarterly deposit amount required for VipDeposits customers*
Diamond€90000€45 000

* To get VIP status, VipDeposits customers must deposit (purchase/transfer to merchants) the required amount within 30 days after receiving our confrmation email.

Pay attention:

If you make deposits during the first 2 months of the quarter, you’ll get VIP status till the end of the current quarter. If you make deposits during the 3rd month of the quarter, you’ll get VIP status till the end of the current quarter and for the whole next quarter as well.

For example:
You got VIP status from January 1st to Ferbuary 28th (29th), so it will be valid until April 1st.
You got VIP status on March 1st, therefore it will be valid until June 1st.

If you want to know more about obtaining Skrill VIP status with VipDeposits loyalty program, please click here..

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