VipDeposits at iGB Affiliate conference in Lisbon: report

iGB Affiliate Lisbon 2019 was held on 16-19 October, and it was the first time we participated in the event with our own stand. This was a very useful experience – both for establishing new business contacts, and for building even greater unity of our team.

The conference brought together gambling operators – online casinos, bookmakers, poker and trading platforms, and affiliate networks, gambling media and other web traffic suppliers from around the world.

The VipDeposits team presented both lines of our business: providing favorable terms of online payments and our affiliate program – an excellent tool for monetization of partner resources.

VipDeposits at iGB Affiliate conference in Lisbon: report

We were happy to meet many of our current partners, as face to face communication always helps to significantly strengthen our ties. A great atmosphere of the conference and our attractive stand also allowed us to establish many new contacts – which will hopefully develop into cordial relations and mutually beneficial partnership!

Boa tarde Lisboa!

Portugal is famous for its beaches, Port wine and liberalized drug policy, so may have a very relaxing effect on visitors – but not on our guys! Despite southern sunshine and constant offers to buy various substances, the VipDeposits team immediately went to the exhibition venue to install the pre-prepared stand with a video screen.

Comparing to the iGB Affiliate conferences in London and Amsterdam, this event was not the largest in terms of attendance. But this presented even more opportunities for communication. The organizers managed to create an excellent friendly atmosphere: guests were treated to beer, wine and snacks, and therefore the meetings during unofficial part of the event were especially fruitful.

An eventful program did not prevent our team from spending some time outside the conference venue. Walking around charming Lisbon helped to forget about the imminent onset of winter in the homeland of VipDeposits, while various adventures that we experienced together further strengthened our team spirit.

Unfortunately, one of the key members of our team was unable to take an active part in the trip – due to sudden chickenpox illness Anna spent almost all those days in the hotel. But, as real friends do, we supported her in every possible way (trying to stay at a safe distance though). And despite this loss, we could decently represent the company in the ancient city on the Atlantic coast.

Ready for further improvement

During the conference, many more market participants learned about the benefits of VipDeposits affiliate program, which allows resource owners to monetize their websites and media channels, increase their audience loyalty, and improve the quality of the content provided.

Having talked with many old friends and current partners, we once again became convinced that our activities are very useful for all sides – we make the cooperation between gambling operators and their affiliates as profitable as possible, and help players and media resources all around the world earn more money.

Such meetings and events are very inspiring, and now we are working with renewed vigor on further improving our service and conditions for our partners.

If you have an audience interested in gambling or online payments – join our affiliate program.

If you are an active user of payment systems, sign up at Skrill or NETELLER with our loyalty program and get a whole range of benefits:

  • VIP status on the most favorable terms;
  • faster account verification;
  • 24/7 dedicated support;
  • exclusive NETELLER cash back;

and much more.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries!

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