Top craziest bets ever made

Humans love gambling: some people will bet on anything, and many bookmakers are happy to offer them odds on desired outcome.

When will the world end or alien life be proven, will Brad Pitt win an Oscar or U2’s Bono become the next Pope – throughout the years, we’ve seen bookmakers taking all kinds of bizarre bets. And sometimes, even wagering on very unlikely events against the highest of odds, lucky gamblers really manage to win a lot of money!

Here are some of the craziest bets people have made and the stories behind them.

Top craziest bets ever made

Betting on mammoth

In 1996, Dolly the sheep became the first mammal to have been successfully cloned in Scotland, and bookmakers immediately began to evaluate probabilities of cloning other animals.

Irish betting operator Paddy Power were making odds on both the time frame in which a mammoth will be cloned and what country will be the first to have a mammoth zoo attraction. The odds favored 2016 or 2017 as the earliest dates, and Russia to have the first mammoth on display.

None of this has happened yet, so punters continue hoping, keeping their betting slips and waiting for the news from the biotech industry.

Betting on your kids

Gerry McIlroy was so impressed with his son’s golf skills as a 15-year-old that placed a £200 bet on his boy to win the major championship within the next decade. In June 2011, when Rory McIlroy captured his first Major at the US Open, Ladbrokes had to pay his farseeing father £100,000.

Rory McIlroy and his dad

Another story started back in 1994, when Eddie Kirkland placed a bet that his son would play for England national team before he turned 30. And in August 2006, Chris Kirkland really came on as a substitute for the second half of a friendly game! It was his first and last appearance for England, but the goalkeeper’s happy dad won £10,000 as a result.

The same amount has been paid by bookmakers William Hill to Ryan Tunnicliffe’s father, who placed a £100 bet when his son was 9 that he would one day play for Manchester United. And the family’s moment came in September 2012, when Ryan’s debut for the Reds as a substitute in a League Cup game won his dad a 100/1 bet. The proud father was at Old Trafford on that day, to see his bet come in.

Betting on conspiracy theory

In the 1990s, one guy who has researched the Michael Jackson family inside and out, was convinced that Michael and his sister La Toya were the same person. He was so sure that placed a $50 bet at 500/1 odds on his hunch to be proven correct. Luckily for the bookmaker, La Toya turned out to be real, and there must have been some other reason for brother and sister never being photographed together.

Michael and La Toya Jackson

Known as the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley was found dead at his home in Tennessee in August 1977, aged 42. However, some believe that the legend faked his own death – and bookmakers should be happy when someone contacts them to request a bet on Elvis being found alive. That was the case for Paddy Power when a gambler wagered £25 on that at 2000/1 odds, and another £300 that the King would appear in public before the end of 2017.

Elvis would be 84 now if his death had indeed been fabricated. And no, unfortunately we didn’t get evidence of him being alive in 2017.

Betting on primal instinct

While playing at Ajax in 2010, Luis Suarez was suspended for 7 games for biting PSV Eindhoven’s Otman Bakkal on the shoulder.

While playing for Liverpool in 2013, he was suspended for 10 games for biting Chelsea’s Branislov Ivanovic on the arm.

So in June 2014, a Swedish punter placed a bet at his local bookmaker, at 175/1 odds, that Luis Suarez would again bite someone during the World Cup.

What happened next? Well, in the 79th minute of Uruguay vs Italy match, Giorgio Chiellini headed the ball away, but Luis Suarez steamed in; the two players jostled and fell to the ground. It was unclear what had happened but Chiellini chased the referee, pulling aside his shirt to show the teeth marks. Within a minute the whole world gasped in disbelief: Luis Suarez has done it again.

The Uruguayan striker bit Italian defender on the shoulder, and a teacher from Sweden won £1200. As well as many other people did: there were reports that more than 150 punters placed and won similar bets.

Biggest odds ever paid off

In 2008, to celebrate his 60th birthday, a man in England placed just 50 pence (64 cents) on eight horses winning in an accumulator bet. Despite the 2.800.000/1 odds, every horse won, granting him a $1.8 million payout. The first horse that won on that day was called Isn’t That Lucky and the last winner was A Dream Come True.

“Even a script writer couldn’t have dreamt this one up,” a representative of William Hill bookmakers commented later. The gambling house also said the winner was a regular customer and had placed similar bets almost on a daily basis.

This gambler from North Yorkshire is believed to be the world’s first betting shop millionaire, while those 2.8 million to 1 odds are considered to be the biggest odds ever paid off by a bookie.

Most reliable betting tip

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