How to avoid being blocked at Skrill and NETELLER?

Digital wallets provide a fast and reliable way to make online payments.

Security is the highest priority at both Skrill and NETELLER, all transactions are monitored and account behaviour is analysed. Due to very strict measures to protect users’ financial information, sometimes your e-wallet can even be temporarily blocked.

How to avoid having your Skrill or NETELLER account being blocked or frozen?

How to avoid being blocked at Skrill and NETELLER?

Multiple accounts

According to the rules of online payment providers, customers can register only one account. Do not even try to open a second one using another email address, otherwise both accounts will be blocked.

It is important to distinguish between being “frozen” and “blocked”.
Freezing is a temporary restriction on e-Wallet operations caused by some non-standard action (for example, opening a new account after closing the old one). To unfreeze your account, you need to contact customer support and confirm your actions.
Blocking occurs when you violate the rules of using digital wallets (for example, provide false information), and requires much greater efforts to solve the problem.

When creating an account, it is necessary to provide accurate data – this will help you to avoid any problems in the future.

False documents

The correct data must also be provided during account verification – for example, when sending a copy of your utility bill in order to verify your address.

“Editing” any documents is obviously a bad idea. It’s actually a fraudulent activity, and nobody likes a fraudster.

VPN and anonymizers

Using VPN and anonymous proxy is not prohibited, but is strongly discouraged. Logging into your account from an unusual location may be regarded as a hacking attempt, and your account could be frozen.

If you’re going to use your wallet while traveling abroad, it is better to inform the customer support in advance. Doing so might help you prevent the temporary block of your account.

Suspicious transactions

Transactions that are unusual for your account may be considered suspicious. For example, you are using your wallet for deposits and withdrawals from certain websites, but one day you suddenly transfer a large amount of money to a Nigerian user (we say that with no offence to the good people of Nigeria intended). Your account could be frozen* for security reasons after such a transaction.

Suspicious transactions also include depositing your wallet using someone else’s account. In order to avoid being blocked, please do not upload money to your Skrill account from a NETELLER wallet registered to another person.

And of course, it is strictly forbidden to use your account for any illegal purposes, such as fraud or money laundering.

What to do if my account is frozen/blocked?

If this still happens, you need to contact Skrill or NETELLER support. But for faster resolution of the issue you may contact the VipDeposits support team.

VipDeposits is an official partner of Skrill and NETELLER, and we have been providing professional assistance to e-Wallet users for many years.

Register your account with VipDeposits loyalty program and get extra benefits:

  • VIP status on the most favorable terms;
  • verification within 1 day;
  • dedicated 24/7 support.
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