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VipDeposits Affiliate Program for websites & forums

VipDeposits invites to cooperate

  • websites,
  • discussion forums,
  • communities in social networks,

containing information about Skrill or/and NETELLER or uniting their users on the basis of any common interests.

If the main audience of your website includes online payment service users - then our gambling affiliate program is exactly what you need.

We offer better conditions than the standard ones of the mentioned payment systems. Too good to be true? Check this out:

Standard partner conditions of Skrill, NETELLERPartner conditions from VipDeposits
Partner commission for referred client is paid only for 1 yearPartner commission for referred client is paid during the whole period of his acitivity with the system
Max partner reward is restrictedNo cap for partner rewards
No partner support and no free content for your websitePrompt partner support in English (or Russian) and opportunity to receive any content to attract your clients (texts, banners, images etc).
VipDeposits affiliate program is a great additional way to make your website to bring profit,
because it provides you with:
Пассивный доход - партнерская программа VipDeposits

passive income for every client with no time limits and amount to pay out;

лояльность ваших посетителей благодаря VipDeposits

client loyalty due to our exclusive options of obtaining VIP statuses and personal VIP support;

Графический и текстовый контент от VipDeposits
possibility to get graphic and text content from our experts.

Partnership options of that we offer

We have several schemes of cooperation, so you can pick the one that suits you best.

1 вариант партнерской программы для сайтов от VipDeposits

You own a forum, where users ask questions about using Skrill, NETELLER wallets but find no decent answers. Our specialists can run such threads on your forum and provide users with prompt replies.

2 вариант партнерской программы для сайтов от VipDeposits

You own a website about payment systems or gambling. In this case, we can offer any text or graphic content to create new pages or sections. All you need to do is place it on your website and start receiving money. Additionally, we can hold support or you can run it yourself if you want to.

3 вариант партнерской программы для сайтов от VipDeposits

White Label scheme is the scenario when content creation and user support are totally on you. Of course, meanwhile you can get support from our team as well.

4 вариант партнерской программы для сайтов от VipDeposits

Informational cooperation. This type of partnership is mostly suitable for news websites within gambling and trading industry. We can provide you with current news and interesting articles about payment systems where VipDeposits will be specified as the main source of information. It is well-known that any changes in operation of payment systems cause numerous questions from users. Therefore, we will provide qualified answers to them.

The mentioned VipDeposits partnership options are discussable and can be modified upon agreement of the both parties.

VipDeposits Affiliate Program is:

Монетизация сайта с партнерской программой VipDeposits
an opportunity to make a significant step in the development of your resource as long as our experts will help you fill it with useful content, which means that the audience of your website will only grow.
партнерская программа VipDeposits
a simple and profitable way to monetize your website. We provide our partners with the necessary content and hold au fait support. All you need to do is deliver the content we give you to the clients and start earning money.

The whole information above seems interesting to you, huh? Just send us an application marked as “Partnership” and we will contact you in the nearest time to discuss all the details.

If you have any alternative types of cooperation - do let us know, we are ready to discuss them.

Lets make money together! Join us!