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How to verify your Skrill account

Skrill has certain limitations on money transfers (deposits, withdrawals, internal transfers) for unverified accounts. Basic limits for a new account are quite low (€ 2500 - total amount for transactions). Therefore, you will not be comforably using Skrill with these limits. That's why:

  • to increase limits for Skrill account and prepaid Mastercard,
  • to increase security of your online wallet,
  • to request FREE VIP Silver status or get it on special conditions

- you need to pass verification of your account which consists of 3 stages: identity, address, and account ownership.

So, you can pass verification using one of the below options:

To join our Skrill+VipDeposits program and receive all the benefits we offer, right away after account registration, you need to:

  • fill in the application form
  • wait for our response about your participation in the program;
  • refrain from any transactions untill you receive our confirmation email!
  • verify your account within 7 days from the moment of account registration.

How to verify Skrill account in mobile app

The fastest way to verify Skrill account is to use its mobile app. You need to pass 3 stages: identity verification, address verification, and account ownership (selfie).

However, there is one thing you should know. To pass verification in Skril mobile app you need to deposit at least $10. After that a window to scan your documents will appear. Let's review it step by step:

Install and run Skrill app on your smartphone.
As soon as you deposit at least $10, you will be able to verify your account. Please, deposit via credit card, bank account, or whatever method is convenient for you. You can also transfer funds from your NETELLER account (screenshot 1). After that, you will see a window to verify your account (screenshot 2).
In the app scan your ID document (passport, ID card, driving license, etc.) (screenshot 3);

Do the same manipulation with the document confirming your address (bank statement, utility bill, etc.) (screenshot 4);

and finally, make a selfie (photo of your face).

Down this page you will find requirements for documents.

Alternatively, you can use geolocation in your smartphone to confirm your address.

After all is done, you will see a message that all documents are being reviewed (screenshot 5).

How to pass Skrill verification using webcam

Webcam Skrill verification is also quite fast. Using your webcam, you need to take pictures of your documents identifying yourself, and your selfie. However, address verification should be passed with geolocation or by uploading the appropriate document in your Skrill account.

To pass account verification with a webcam, you need to:

Go to Settings page, choose Account verification, and click Verify now (screenshot 1).
Click on Take a webcam shot (screenshot 2).
Choose a document type identifying your person: passport, ID card, driving license etc, and take a picture of it using webcam (screenshot 3 and 4).
Make a selfie (photo of your face).


  • allow browser to use your webcam on Skrill website;
  • your webcam needs to have the min. resolution of 640 х 480.
All steps will be displayed in the overview window (screenshot 5).

You will be notified by email about the result of your documents check.

How to pass Skrill account verification by uploading documents in personal account

This type of verification takes more time compared to app and webcam verification. However, it is the most convenient one as long as it allows to pass all stages at the same time.

To pass account verification by uploading documents, you need to:

Click on the link on a red banner in your personal account (screenshot 1)

or go to Settings - Account verificationclick Verify now (screenshot 2) and choose third option Upload photos (screenshot 3).

To verify your identity upload a scanned copy of your ID document. Choose the preferred document type in advance: passport, ID card, driving license (screenshot 4 and 5).
To verify your account ownership, upload the photo of your face holding a document which verifies your identity (screenshot 6).
To verify your address, choose the appropriate document from the drop-down list (screenshot 7) and upload it.

Alternatively, to verify address you can swicth on geolocation in your browser.

You can track the status of each of the documents provided on the overview page (screenshot 8).

You will be notified by email on the results of your account verification.

Documents you need to verify your Skrill account

To pass full account verification, you need to prepare certain scanned color copies of your documents in advance.

Color copy of your national or international passport (first and second pages), driving license, or ID card - one document on your discretion. Black & white copies are not accepted.

A document confirming your address should be issued by any government or financial institution not older than 3 months (90 days) before providing it to Skrill. This can be:

  • utility bill with your name on it;
  • bank statement including:
    — your full name;
    — address, which you indicated while registering your Skrill account;
    — bank seal.

The copy of your ID must be of high quality, clearly visible, and readable.

Weight of your document should not exceed 5 mb each with JPG or PNG format (for bank statements it is allowed to use PDF). The image itself should be min. 8000 х 8000 pixels.

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