Where to buy Bitcoin and altcoins? Top-5 exchanges

On May 19, 2019 Bitcoin rate doubled again. At 00:00 its course was ≈ $4000, and then, in just 24 hours ≈ $ 8100.

After the fall of the rate at the end of 2018, few expected such a rapid growth, and those who expected and hoped for it are now greatly rewarded.

Bitcoin is back on a roll now. Many started looking for ways to buy and sell such “profitly unstable” cryptocurrency. We have prepared for you a list of the best exchanges.

Before you start

Among the huge number of services offering to buy and sell Bitcoin and altcoins, you should pay attention to a few basic characteristics of the exchange procedure.


Finding a particular site you’ll be using in the future, you need to pay attention to:

  • What currencies are supported by the exchange. For example, if you want to buy Bitcoin for GBP – many exchangers will offer you to first convert them into USD, and that means additional fees and charges. Accordingly, it is better to look for those sites where a direct purchase in the needed currency is available.
  • How many altcoins are available. This is necessary in order not to spend money on Bitcoin when it is on the top, but to play with other tokens.
  • How purchased cryptocurrency can be disposed of in the future. The more ways to use cryptocurrencies (for example, send it to someone or make a bet), the better.
Altcoins – all cryptocurrencies, except Bitcoin. Now there are more than 2 thousand coins.

Site rating

Evaluation by users from the crypto community is the basis of the reputation of the exchanger. In the reviews, you can learn about the known problems of the service, or about the strengths that attract users.

Loyalty program

If a resource has a loyalty program – this is your chance to get conditions much better than basic ones. For example, if the exchanger has a system of VIP statuses – try to find out how to increase your account right from the start.

Top-5 sites where to buy Bitcoin and altcoins


One of the most famous platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Service is active since 2015.


  • Many exchange directions – about 80 types of currencies;
  • A large amount of reserves ensures that the transaction does not take more than five minutes;
  • You can bind your bank cards for faster transactions.


  • Customer support answers up to seven days;
  • Transactions may “disappear”. You will get the money back after contacting the support service, but this is quite unpleasant.


Crypto exchange Coinbase is functioning since 2012. The site is in the top 3 exchangers (according to Cointelegraph), where you can buy and sell Bitcoin and altcoins. Coinbase had recently started a partnership with Paysafe and released a branded debit card.


  • Good protection of accounts system with two-factor authentication;
  • 98% of all deposits are on special hardware and paper accounts that are in storage. This guarantees additional security;
  • Affordable and simple interface.


  • Unavailable in many countries – you will have to look for workarounds in order to perform basic operations;
  • The exchange takes a high commission for withdrawing funds to third-party wallets and bank accounts.


Site was founded in 2011 and now this is one of the largest resources in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchanging. About half of the daily trades accounted for a Bitcoin/euro pair.


  • Tough system of personal account protection. Rather complicated account verification ensures reliable storage of funds;
  • The exchange app for iOS stands out for its convenience and simplicity.


  • Non-easy system of statuses: de facto there are two of them, and the fees progress according to the turnover. It will be difficult for a beginner to understand such subtleties;
  • You cannot make transactions with cryptocurrency – just withdraw fiat money to the account.


NETELLER payment system is one of the first on the gambling market, and now it is a pioneer in crypto trading. The basic principles of the system are safety and user friendliness.


  • Supports all the main cryptocurrencies. A full list can be found in our material;
  • The commission for the purchase is only 1.5% of the transaction amount;
  • Security. Wallet is one of the safest in the world. Verification, proof of identity and two-factor authentication will not allow fraudsters to get to your tokens.


  • The system sometimes mistakenly blocks accounts (if you suspected of fraud), but when you contact support, you can quickly restore them.

Joining NETELLER and VipDeposits loyalty program, you can get the best conditions in the payment system, and this:

  • Instant VIP Bronze PRO;
  • 24/7 support service;
  • Verification in 1 day.


Skrill is an e-Wallet that allows you to make secure online payments (including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies) without disclosing your credit card or bank account details. When buying tokens a fee of 1.5% is charged.


  • Free cryptocurrency transfers within the system;
  • Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Hash and over 40 of the most famous cryptocurrencies;
  • No need to tie up your bank accounts to verify your identity;
  • Skrill Prepaid MasterCard is available for SEPA residents. You can withdraw cash at any ATM;
  • You can enable the automatic purchase and sale of tokens upon reaching a certain price.

Recently, Skrill is adding more and more ways to use cryptocurrency, for example, about free internal transfers we wrote here. By registering in Skrill with VipDeposits, you will receive VIP status on favorable terms, and all of its bonuses:

  • Withdrawal to VISA without fees;
  • Preferential VIP Silver;
  • Two unlimited accounts in different currencies.

What user should choose?

Based on the factors that we outlined at the beginning, the use of Skrill and NETELLER seems to be the best.

Only in these systems it is possible not just to trade, but also to send crypto to friends or partners, while maintaining your security and not tying bank account data. Also, registering in these payment systems through the VipDeposits loyalty program link you will receive the best conditions right from the start!

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