Skrill introduces new functionality

On October 14, 2019, Skrill announced soon implementation of the new features: multi-currency balance and currency exchange service.

There were many questions about this news, so we asked Skrill to clarify some points.

When will the multi-currency balance feature be released?

It is already live, but there are planned improvements that will be released on a step by step basis in the next couple of months.

When will the currency exchange service be available?

The launch of the exchange service is planned at a later stage.

Skrill introduces new functionality

How to create a new currency balance?

You can open an additional fiat balance by initiating a deposit using this currency.

Will the conversion fees for VIP accounts change?

No, the conversion fees for all VIP accounts remain the same.

If a multi-currency account has already been created previously, will any changes affect it?

No, those accounts will keep working in the same way as they used to.

Are there any limits on multi-currency balances?

No, you can create as many currency balances as you want.

If you still have any queries on the new functionality, please contact our support team. We are always happy to assist!

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