Changes in Skrill Verification Process

From April 3, 2019, the verification process in Skrill will be changed:

  • Now, instead of a selfie with a passport (or ID card), you will need to take a selfie with a sheet of paper in your hands. There must be written the word “Skrill” and the date of sending the documents for the account verification.
  • The changes will affect all of the countries where Skrill works.
  • Accounts that have passed the verification before April 3, 2019 will not need to do it again.
The process has been changed in 2020. You will find all the details here.

How the photo should look now:

This decision is part of the company’s strategy on improving the security of the payment system.

  • You can use the Skrill mobile app, or you can upload documents in your account. (Screenshots 1-3)
  • Upload photos or scans (Screenshots 4-7) of the:
  • Passport, driver license, ID card, foreign passport (optional)
  • Passport pages with registration, bank document, housing receipt (optional)
  • Selfie with a sheet of paper in your hands, where the word “Skrill” and the date of sending the documents are written.
  • After that you have to to confirm your address. For this you can use geolocation (screenshots 8) or also upload documents (screenshots 9-11) in your account
  • After all the scans or photos are uploaded, you will see the confirmation message (screenshot 12)

A full description of the account verification process can be found in our article.

In NETELLER there are no changes expected, stay tuned and register in the safest payment systems in the world with us!

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