Until recently, cryptocurrencies were seen more as an asset to trade than a real payment tool.

They are practically not used in everyday life and have not yet become a common online payment method. But with the emergence of new products by industry leading companies, this situation may change radically in the coming years.


According to a research made by Paysafe in 2018, 6% of small-to-medium-sized online businesses in the US, Canada, the UK and Germany already accept cryptocurrencies through their online checkout. And a further 15% intend to start accepting them in the next two years. This projected increase in acceptance rates was the highest of any new payment method launched recently.

But willingness to add the new payment option is not enough: to build cryptocurrency acceptance into their checkout, businesses need convenient tools and software solutions. The first step is to partner with the payments service provider that includes cryptocurrencies within its available payment methods.


Paysafe Group, a leading global payment provider and owner of Skrill and NETELLER, is offering two ways of using cryptocurrencies for everyday purchases – Skrill Quick Checkout and the Coinbase Debit Card.

By integrating Skrill Quick Checkout an online business is able to accept payments by any method available within Skrill payment system. This secure hosted solution allows consumers to select over 100 alternative payment options, including cryptocurrency. Users can exchange Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies in their Skrill wallet at the moment.
In spring 2019 Skrill announced a card issuing partnership with Coinbase that enables Coinbase crypto wallet holders in the UK to link their account to a prepaid card. The Coinbase Debit Card allows consumers to make payments with all merchants that accept VISA card payments as well as withdraw cash from their Coinbase accounts from an ATM.

Through their innovative payment installations, industry leading companies such as Paysafe are bringing cryptocurrencies into the real world and changing our attitude towards them. From being purely a digital asset for saving and investing, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are evolving into a widely accepted payment method.

Skrill solutions for online businesses expand the use of cryptocurrencies as a payment option, while the possibility of easy conversion into cash will soon make them a routine and coherent part of our lives.

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