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ecoVoucherFor peo­ple, the is­sue of the pay­ment sys­tem and al­so trans­fer­ring mo­ney to dif­fe­rent count­ries was im­por­tant, especially in a difficult time like a pandemic. Fortunately today there is an active and available platform and service around the world that can help any individual and business in case of their transactions and online payment. ecoPayz system is one of the most secure and private online payment services offering different abilities to their customers, such as international money transfer and financial management.

However, in this short article, we want to introduce and study one of the prepaid payment methods that ecoPayz provides; shortly, we will write about ecoVoucher, its features and the way customers can access it and make an online payment.

Features & Services of ecoVoucher

As mentioned above, ecoPayz is providing a special platform and service called ecoVoucher. Shortly, ecoVoucher allows customers to make payments and pay online on any website or platform that accepts ecoVoucher without any bank account or credit card. So ecoVoucher is a secure and straightforward way to make payment in usual cash; users just need the prepaid ecoVoucher PIN and online platform that accepts ecoVoucher. It is counting as advantages of this service.

Still, it should mention that in the process of using the ecoVoucher, users don’t need their bank and credit card account or information, and everything will be done with the 18 digit PIN that ecoVoucher is providing for users. In this case, we can observe that the ecoVoucher should be counted as one of the most secure and safe online payment systems in today’s international community because customers don’t need to share any personal or financial information in the virtual world. For clarification, ecoVoucher is perfect for anybody, especially for those who don’t have a bank account or credit card.

It should be noted that the security of this service is not just limited to what was mentioned before; customers can feel that their money is in the safeguard because the ecoVoucher is provided by Cyprus Licensed Company, under the control of the Central Bank of Cyprus. Additionally in this term, ecoVoucher system works with confirmed and verified distributors only. The main guides about security that users should follow consist of treating with ecoVoucher like cash and Never sharing the 18 digits PIN with anyone by any online platform. However, besides security and all services that this platform is providing for their customers, the significant point about ecoVoucher is to know how to have it and how any user can make an online payment with it.

Online Payment with ecoVoucher

As mentioned before, ecoVoucher is a prepaid online payment method that is counted as a replacement for cash payment. Nevertheless, with what we know until now about this service, the main question for customers will be how anybody can access ecoVoucher. It should be noted that this service was available in the Middle East, Africa, Japan, India, European Union and Latin America for so many years. Today, ecoVoucher is also available for customers in Russian Federation, Ukraine, New Zealand, Pakistan and Switzerland too. Shortly to say, ecoVoucher is available with different resellers in different countries, but the main point is that customers can get and use it in three different currencies: EUR, USD and GBP.

As soon as users find and get the ecoVoucher from any available reseller in their countries, they can see that the 18 digits codes can be printed on physical cheques or in a virtual format for customers. Simply when users get their ecoVoucher PIN, they can use it and make a payment online on any platform that accepts ecoVoucher. Using this service is very easy and safer than using credit cards or bank accounts for online payment; customers don’t need to share their sensitive financial and personal details on online platforms. Users will just need the ecoVoucher PIN to make their online payment.

The ecoVoucher also is offering an opportunity to earn funds and experience, for any individuals that are interested in this service In this case, with ecoVoucher anybody can start to work as a distributor or a merchant. In both versions, individuals will connect to so many people and communities, can promote the service in the whole world and also more in detail understand the features and security of ecoVoucher. Should be noted that by attracting new customers, each person can increase their revenue.


Today with the improvement in the technologies and daily updates in this sphere, the term of online payment sounds more usual than before. Additionally, users are still worried about these platforms’ security and safety, especially in the virtual world. However, ecoPayz, which provides services like online payment and international money transfer, with creation of ecoVoucher think about more ease of their customers.

As mentioned in this article, ecoVoucher is an alternative way in place of using cash and also it is helping users to make online payment in the most secure way possible. Customers just need to get ecoVoucher from resellers that are available in many countries in the world, find out the 18 digits codes that are unique and for one transaction. After using the PIN code, users can make online payments on any platform that is accepting the ecoVoucher. Definitely, ecoVoucher is the most secure and safe prepaid payment system that can be useful for everyone around the world.

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