New VIP upgrade for NETELLER users

NETELLER continues to share a large-scale updates. After improving the security system the company started to rework the customers service.

New update had affected the loyalty program membership – new level of VIP status were presented to users. It will be available to all new members of VIpDeposits loyalty program opening account tomorrow and on!

From May 6, 2019, all customers who open an account with our link and pass verification will receive an instant and free VIP Bronze PRO!

Important: VIP Bronze PRO – exclusive status for NETELLER loyalty program customers. If you want to receive such status, having already an account with a VIP-status of any other level, you will need to close the account and open a new one with our link  (and another e-mail). For more detail contact our support.

Let’s look at the benefits of exclusive status VIP Bronze PRO:

Ordinary accountBronze PRO account by VipDeposits
Internal (p2p) transaction1,45%1,45% max $10
Getting VIP Silver$50 000$20 000
One transaction limit$5 000$50 000
Transactions limit (per day)$10 000No
Transactions limit (per week)$20 000No
Transactions limit (per month)$50 000No
Support 24/7NoYes
Deposits for verificationYesNo
Please note: most of the NETELLER clients will safe their active VIP Silver status till the end of the year. To make it happen one of two requirements for your account must be met:

  • Account created in 2019 and received VIP Silver no later than May 5
  • There’re deposits to merchants from the account done in 2019 on the total amount of $ 20,000

If your account meets one of these requirements – there is no cause for concern – your VIP Silver will remain active until the end of the year.

If you want to extend the status for 2020, you have to make transactions on the total amount of $ 50,000 (until the end of this year)

So what you have to do to upgrade up to exclusive VIP Bronze PRO:

  • Create an account with our link;
  • Fill out an application to join VipDeposits loyalty program;
  • Pass through a fast verification (it be done in 24 hours, while ordinary users wait more than a week);
  • Start your amazing experience with VIP Bronze PRO.
At the moment, we are clarifying the possibility for our users to receive VIP Gold status in NETELLER on the most favorable terms. Subscribe to updates and do not miss any news!

Discover fast and profitable payments from Skrill and NETELLER – create an account with VipDeposits and get VIP-status on the best terms!

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