NETELLER has become available in Japan since November, 2018.

Following the Regional Financial Bureau (KLFB) license, NETELLER has opened its doors for stock traders and customers from all over the country. The payment system is part of the Paysafe Group – the absolute leader among global payment service providers.

It’s worth mentioning that the decision of the government directly contributed to NETELLER availability on the Japanese electronic payment market. The main goal is to achieve a percentage of non-cash payments of up to 40% over the next decade. This all takes place aiming to reduce Japan’s cash dependence

NETELLER becomes available in Japan

Millions of customers around the globe use NETELLER to pay on web-sites for goods and services, as well as instantly send money internationally to their friends and relatives. Clients can already enjoy a couple of online and offline withdrawal and payment options. Companies, which use NETELLER, are able to conduct payment transactions where traditional methods may fail to work.

“As in a country that currently operates mainly through cash, Japan has a great opportunity to support the growth of e-commerce and digital payments at the local level, and we believe that our proven and reliable NETELLER system will become the leading one. We look forward to working with large enterprises and ordinary consumers in Japan”, – stressed Lorenzo Pellegrino, the CEO of NETELLER, Skrill, and Income Access at Paysafe.

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