How to make money playing poker in 2020

If you want to earn money playing poker, then the best time is now.

And this is not a motivational slogan at all, but a real assessment of what is happening. Unlike other areas of life that are frozen due to the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting quarantine, online poker is growing. The number of players at PokerStars has grown by more than 30-40%, Partypoker and 888poker have shown similar trends. Traffic in some European rooms has increased by 100%.

How to make money playing poker in 2020

Pros and Cons of Online Poker

Take this matter seriously. Before making a deposit and starting the long way of developing as a poker player, read the offer and understand positive and negative sides of online poker.


earnings are not limited;

weakening of the game due to the quarantine;

free schedule;

development of personal qualities (logic, attention, critical thinking);

constant challenge and growth;

poker playing is an interesting job.



may lose your way of usual daily routine;

handling downswings.


How a beginner can start earning money playing poker

The rules of poker are simple: check, raise, fold and 10 combinations. This is enough to start playing. But this is not enough to start winning.

From the notebook of a poker newcomer who became a millionaire:


“You need a winning strategy to play for profit”

If we talk about low limits, then the best solution is to play on good cards. Do not call if you have a marginal hand. Concentrate on premium hands and play them to the maximum, while trying to collect as many chips from your opponent as possible. This is called a tight-aggressive style. It became popular a few decades ago, but even today this strategy works.

Why is it profitable to use a tight aggressive style?
There are players who come to poker not to get rich, but just for fun and as a pastime. And, of course, they want action. You can often see situations where these hobby opponents throw money around by playing too many hands. You should be able to adjust to this because you can make good money on it.

Make a list of starting hands that you will open. The earlier the position, the less the hands are suitable for you. There’s a whole table ahead, and probably someone might have a better hand. Approaching the Big Blind, you can open cards more freely, as the number of players before you decreases.

Gradually, you can make adjustments to this strategy, creating your own unique individual style.


“Weak players are a source of income.” How to find a fish?

A poker player who is easy to win money from is called a fish. Engage in the constant search for such rivals. Poker is not the place where you need to measure the size of your ego and show your superiority. Only one factor plays a role here: how much you were able to earn. The ability to find weak players is an incredibly important skill.


Characteristics of a fish:

  • makes a mandatory bet (Big Blind) without waiting for their turn;
  • enters the game with an incomplete stack and doesn’t buy until loses everything;
  • plays too many hands;
  • calling any bet sizes with an uncompleted hand, hoping to collect straight, flush, etc.;
  • is susceptible to tilt, after a lost bank begins to freak out (opens with large sizing, puts an all-in on the flop, writes insults in the chat).

There is a saying in poker: if you do not know who is fish at the table, then most likely you are the fish. Keep this in mind when it seems to you that there are no weak players around the table.

Poker ecosystem


“An important component of success in poker”

The beauty of poker is that no one forces you to launch a room on schedule. Sit down to play only when you feel at your best.
Top chess grandmasters, in addition to studying positions and theory of the game, spend a lot of time on sports, nutrition and have healthy sleep. For example, World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen plays basketball and regularly goes to the swimming pool. The entire poker elite devotes several hours a day to wellness. Juvenal said: “A healthy mind is in a healthy body.” For poker, this phrase translates as: “In a healthy body there is a high winrate.”


“The toughest opponent who takes away your money is you”

It is very important to ignore your own emotions and not to change your strategy under the pressure of internal feelings. For example, you are in a bad beat situation and there was the desire to take revenge on a particular opponent. Actually, there is no need to rush. Revenge is a dish served cold. Instead, show your best game and wait for a future opportunity to retaliate.


If you feel that you are in a tilt, then stop playing immediately. Tilt is a monster with a huge appetite that can eat all your money. Close your poker client and cool down. Many talented newcomers could not achieve significant success, because they became prisoners of tilt. Do not make their mistakes – control your emotional state.


“Take your time! Observe bankroll management”

Learn how to properly manage your own poker budget. Do not try to fight back or jump to a table with a weak hand, if you cannot afford it. Such actions promise a significant loss of bankroll. A true poker pro is not the one who wins the most on the wave of luck, but the one who loses the least when he is unlucky for a long time.
Tip: a minimum 30 buy-ins (full stacks) for cash games and 100 – for tournaments. If speaking of spins, the minimum threshold will be significantly higher, since in this format of the game a lot depends on the all-ins won.


“Continuously learn poker”

Do not stop learning. One of the best options for today is watching Twitch broadcasts. Famous players stream with open cards and comment on their actions – this is an inexhaustible source of useful information.
Read forums, see VODs. If you have advanced far enough, you can move on to specialized programs.


Disassemble the hands and analyze the reasons why you played this way and not otherwise. Do not stop at one solution, sort through all the possible options. Discuss the handouts with your friends, then progress will be twice as fast.


“Look for bonuses and offers from the rooms”

Rooms are constantly launching various promotions. Some of them offer free entry tickets to tournaments for the first deposit. Others hold competitions in various disciplines with an impressive prize pool. A refund for entry fees (increased rakeback) is very popular among players.

Such offers represent an additional value to you.

How to make deposits correctly and withdraw money from poker

Take your time to make deposits. It is very important to choose the right payment method with poker rooms. Payment tool should be as comfortable as possible for the storage and movement of funds.

At the moment, the best solution for poker players is Skrill and NETELLER e-wallets.

Firstly, deposits in any room go quickly and without commissions. Secondly, withdrawal of funds back to the wallet takes place instantly. What is more, you can easily transfer money from your e-wallet to your card or bank account.

Skrill and NETELLER are represented on more than 70 sites. No need to focus on a specific room – you can choose the best conditions and promotions.

These wallets have a high degree of protection. Safety and reliability are provided by the highest security protocols.

You can get additional value using the VIP program, which reduces commissions to zero.

If you register Skrill or NETELLER through our loyalty program, we will give you additional privileges that include:

  • special conditions for the VIP program;
  • we will help to you complete verification process with 24 hours;
  • you will have access to 24/7 online customer support.
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