How payment systems fight cybercrime

The danger of being tricked in the internet worries lots of the people. February 20. 2019, Symantec published statistics on cyber attacks. The company has a big experience in providing the cybersecurity software.

According to this analysis, over the month there were more than 4,500 attacks on sites containing user billing information. In addition to attacks by hackers, there are a huge number of schemes built on the victim’s credulity.

Today, cybercrime hunting for a user’s payment details is a serious problem. We will tell you about some criminal schemes that may affect each user and how large companies are struggling with them, for example Skrill and NETELLER.

Payment systems fight cybercrime

Some types of payment fraud

Attackers use this weaknesses of the payment systems to obtain personal data:

  • The high level of complexity in modern payment gateways – there are many points that one-by-one process the same transaction. This means that if hacker find the weak place in one of the data transmission points – he can destroy the entire chain;
  • The credulity of the users – in this case, it is enough for fraudsters to use psychology, instead of programming;
  • Technical problem of the e-mai operators. This is one of the most difficult to troubleshoot, because many mail services are dishonest in spam filtering.

According to Group-IB, bank customers and payment systems clients trading market is reaching the $663 million total amount. Hacking activity leaves banks without $2 million annually, while the least amount of theft occurs in independent payment systems.

However, most of the known ways of stealing is associated with ordinary users. And if “Your uncle was the president of Wakanda” kind of message is the real classics nowadays, there’re much more cunning fraudulent schemes, which can deceive very cautious customer. Consider some types of deception:


A type of fraud based on user’s negligence. Fraudster create a new domain, for example, or – a full double of the original site with a small typo. User tries to log in to his personal account, but the password and login goes straight into the thief’s hands.This method is very popular when it comes to plugins – elements that allow you to make the transaction directly on the merchant’s site, without going to the system’s website.

It is impossible to prohibit the creation of sites. But payment systems that value their reputation buy all the names of domains, that are similar to their name. For example, it is impossible to find a “duplicate” of the site

E-mail frauds

This is perhaps the oldest method of fraud of the payment systems’ clients. In this case everything works on the human factor, credulity and emotional condition of a person who reads a message. Often, messages sends from hacked accounts of your friends, family, etc.

Letter from your own address

A new method of the fraud. Attackers send an email from “your” e-mail address, which is created in the emulator and duplicates the name visually – in fact it is a different e-mail address. The letters usually contain threats, the fraudster threatens the victim to publish something or erase everything from the user’s computer. But if you do not pay him – nothing will happen.

Fake exchange

A particularly dangerous form of the fraud. Website that “exchanges” cryptocurrency or fiat money is in fact, taking customer data and uses it to log into Skrill, NETELLER and many others. The user enters his account himself in order to buy a cryptocurrency, but instead – money is transferred to a “black” (not formally owned by anyone) account and it is no longer possible to return them from it.

Payment systems actively cooperate with e-mail operators to stop this spam. To help systems identify an offender – send information about him directly to Paysafe or your email operator.

The most reliable payment systems

Online-gambling can also be hit by hackers. For example, on January 24, 2019, more than 100 million operations in ten casinos were stolen. Along with the players’ actions, their personal data (names, e-mail addresses, card and account numbers) also got into the hackers’ hands. Despite such a big leakage, Skrill and NETELLER customers were safe, thanks to a modern personal data protection system. However, other payment services could not protect users and limited to e-mail letters with a request to change the password.

The most reliable payment systems

Experts from the Digital Security published the report, вon their website in which they studied the password policy of various companies. As part of the study, they concluded that Skrill is the best payment system in their security. By the way, world-famous WebMoney got the last place in this list.

In January, we told you, that Skrill and NETELLER are changing the terms of the user agreement in order to stop the scammers. Now, when committing unlawful actions from any of the Paysafe group’s accounts – all user accounts are blocked.

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