Is it safe to use exchangers?

An ex­chan­ger is a ser­vice that allows peo­ple to find a per­son who is ready to change the money in different mediums of transactions and in different currencies (including cryptocurrencies). In this case, both the person and the service will withhold their commission from the transaction. The exchanger is a third party that ensures the integrity of the transaction.

The advantages of exchangers are obvious: they allow fast finding the desired direction of withdrawal, comparing commissions, and immediately completing the service without going through any checks. At the same time, there are several drawbacks even despite this convenience.

Drawbacks of the exchangers

Unfortunately, such services are not secure. Some of them have a good reputation, but still do not insure against problems. Remember that it is a huge risk if an exchange lies to you! So the disadvantages of the exchanges are the following:

  • Usually, commissions are high, especially online. Individuals change cheaper, but it is without a guarantor, that can lead to the proliferation of fraudulent schemes. A simple comparison of the commissions of the payment system for withdrawal funds and the commissions of the exchanger shows that exchanges are unprofitable.
  • Such services are a magnet for scammers. Although exchangers claim to be a guarantor in transactions, they do not insure your funds in any way. The problem is that they have no leverage over the cheaters. All they can do is to block a person with many complaints, and he will leave the service with your money, and then register again using illegal documents.
  • Payment systems have a negative attitude towards exchanges. Usually, they are prohibited, the punishment is a lifelong ban as a rule. Many users have contacted VipDeposits with such problems, but it is rather difficult to help them.

ecoPayz exchange – is the risk high?

On the Internet there are many platforms that offer ecoPayz exchange in different directions – to other payment systems (Qiwi, YooMoney, WebMoney, Paypal, and others), bank accounts, cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin). However, using them is unsafe at all stages.

  • First, you can face scammers. In this case, the exchanger may try to contact the person who provided you with the service and resolve the issue. Most likely, the money will not be returned, or you will have to wait a long time.
  • Secondly, if the exchange goes well, you will pay a huge commission. Usually, an unfavorable rate for the buyer is used, and a considerable tariff is charged by the service and by the seller himself.
  • Thirdly, even if the exchange was successful and you are happy with everything, the risk of being banned by the payment system remains.

ecoPayz is known to have a negative attitude towards such transactions. Are you ready to lose your status account due to one transaction? You will no longer be able to register a new one for yourself! Pay attention to the withdrawal conditions provided by the payment system itself. There are several ways available at ecoPayz at reasonable prices:

  • To a bank account for 10 euros. In such a case it is necessary to upload a document confirming the source of income. It might just be an account statement (unless you are using it exclusively for gambling transactions).
  • You can withdraw money to Qiwi and YооMoney without any exchanges, with a commission of 5% (minimum 7.5 euros). Just upload a scan or photo of your passport – and the transaction will be processed.

You can also send funds directly to another ecoPayz user or make a deposit to a merchant (partner site) – for example, to a cryptocurrency exchange to buy bitcoins. Thus, the proposed methods are enough so as not to risk in exchangers.

If you have questions about money transfers at ecoPayz, do not hesitate to contact VipDeposits. Do not forget that when registering with us, you can get free Gold status and even qualify for VIP on preferential terms!

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