ecoVoucher now in Russia and many other countries

There are many methods from which ecoPayz users choose the most convenient option to replenish their accounts. One of the attractive and safe methods they use is the ecoVoucher which is now available on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, and other countries. Prior to that, the ecoVoucher has proven itself in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the European Union.

What is the ecoVoucher and what are its features?

Technically, an ecoVoucher is a voucher with a special 18-digit code. It can be used for online payments at sites that provide such a service and for depositing funds to an ecoPayz account. You can even buy an ecoVoucher in an offline store by printing it in the form of a check or in an electronic form on the ecoVoucher website.

Advantages of using an ecoVoucher

The main advantages of using an ecoVoucher are:

Safety. Today, ecoVoucher is the most secure way to replenish your account. All you need to do is enter the code; so, no financial or personal data is transferred.

Convenience of purchase. You can buy an ecoVoucher and use it for purchases instead of using cash. Thus, there is no need to disclose your account or bank card details.

Meanwhile, it is planned that the ecoVoucher will be available in many countries on all continents. Only the denominations of the vouchers, the supported currencies, and the commission charged will differ.

ecoVoucher Terms of Use

Paying with an ecoVoucher directly or replenishing an account is a single transaction that cannot be split into parts. If there is a conversion, the commission for it is standard. The ecoVoucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. It can be returned freely within 14 days. Refunds are also possible later, but in such cases, a fixed fee will be charged.

The ecoPayz account replenishment process consists of the following steps:

1. Buy an ecoVoucher in any convenient way.

2. In your ecoPayz account, select the method of replenishing your account – ecoVoucher.

3. Indicate the specific account that you are going to replenish.

4. Select the currency and enter the code and the amount of recharge you want.

5. Make sure everything is correct and give a confirmation.

Register in the ecoPayz system right now and enjoy the variety of methods for depositing funds into your account, including the newest one – ecoVoucher!

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