Why ecoPayz is the best option for poker players, bettors and Forex traders in 2021

Ma­ny peo­ple, es­pe­ci­al­ly those who need to ma­ke or re­ceive re­gu­lar international transfers, already know about the European payment system called “ecoPayz.” It is one of the few e-wallets that allow making deposits on foreign platforms consistently; both gambling (poker rooms, bookmakers, online casinos, lotteries) and non-gaming (to brokerage offices, freelance platforms, for hosting, VPN and other services).

The ecoPayz e-wallet is growing rapidly and gaining global popularity while providing more benefits to users; especially since the past year. Now let’s take a closer look at these benefits.

Multiple currency account

Like most European payment systems, ecoPayz allows users in different countries to make transactions in many currencies, including their local ones. Apart from being one of the first to have this functionality in a digital payment solution, ecoPayz made their multiple currency account operation immediately available to all users – even without privileges.

The ecoPayz multiple currency account is implemented like this: firstly, you register your first account and select the base currency. Next, inside the wallet, you create new accounts in different currencies and give them names for convenience. You can order an exchange between them in just a couple of clicks. For currency exchange, only the conversion fee is charged. This fee can be further reduced (more on this below).

Fast verification

The ecoPayz account verification process usually takes about a day: fast on weekdays, slow on weekends. A standard set of documents is required to verify identity and address (we have a separate instruction about this). Sometimes, ecoPayz asks for an additional selfie with a passport, but usually, it goes without it. Furthermore, the ecoPayz account verification process can be made faster with VipDeposits (more on this below).

Lots of merchant sites

Over the past years, the number of sites that accept payments from ecoPayz has grown significantly. They are called merchants or payment system partners. In this article, you will find the most complete list that we have managed to collect. It includes representatives of the gambling industry: bookmakers, poker rooms, online casinos and even fantasy sports.

Many ways to deposit and withdraw

According to our observations, ecoPayz offers a lot of options for wallet deposits and withdrawals. This is especially true in Russia where various methods can be suddenly blocked in whole or in part. In such a situation, ecoPayz has always been quick to offer alternatives.

At the time of writing this, the state of affairs is just not the best. Unfortunately, convenient and quick deposits from Qiwi, YooMoney, Svyaznoy, Euroset are not available until around July 2021 (this happened not only in ecoPayz, but also with all foreign payments). However, replenishment from a card or bitcoins still works. The deposit or transfer can be made to your bank account.

Acceptable commission level

Some of ecoPayz’s commission rates are actually better (that is, lower) than those of their competitors. For this reason, we recommend you use the ecoPayz e-wallet. Basically, the commission rates are as follows:

  • replenishment with bitcoins costs only 1%;
  • conversion rate is 2.99%, but it can be further reduced to 1.49%, and then even further to 1.25% if you partner with VipDeposits;
  • the fee for internal transfers to other users is 1.5% (minimum 0.5 euros), but it can also be reduced literally to zero, which is also very convenient.

Cards for Europeans

Unfortunately, plastic and virtual ecoPayz cards are available only to residents of European countries. But if you are one of them, be sure to use this handy tool. The card is linked directly to your ecoPayz account and allows you to pay for purchases in online and offline stores (supporting the use of contactless technology), as well as cash out at ATMs. This is much more convenient than withdrawing them with a commission. Just receive a payment from a gambling site and go to spend it at your discretion.

The virtual card is made differently from other payment systems. You can pay with it only once, and after that, it is immediately cancelled. This provides a very high level of protection – even if someone steals your card details, they will no longer be able to use them. It is an excellent tool for testing sites that you don’t trust yet.

Profitable cooperation with VipDeposits

Most importantly, because of our partnership with ecoPayz, there are special benefits that can be enjoyed exclusively by ecoPayz users from VipDeposits. It is much more difficult for clients who register in the usual way to achieve them. For this reason, it is worth spending an extra minute to create your ecoPayz e-wallet using our link, and fill out (and submit) an application to join our loyalty program. It is after this that you will receive all the below special benefits on your ecoPayz digital wallet with us:

  • verification is acceleratedyou become a priority client; and on weekdays you can pass the ecoPayz verification procedure within two hours;
  • after verification, you receive a premium Gold status for free and for life. This status reduces the fee for internal transfers to zero and the commission for currency exchange to 1.49% – normally, it will be very difficult for you to get this status yourself (without us);
  • overtime, as the amount of deposits to gambling sites grow, you can get the maximum VIP status with the most favorable payment commissions much faster than ordinary users;
  • the last, but very important advantage, is the help of our online support at VipDeposits. Our support team will try to solve your problems and answer all questions about the ecoPayz e-wallet.

the last, but very important advantage, is the help of our online support at VipDeposits. Our support team will try to solve your problems and answer all questions about the ecoPayz e-wallet.

In addition, the ecoPayz payment system offers numerous holiday prize draws, a user-friendly mobile application, and the security of every payment and attention to detail. On our part, VipDeposits will ensure that every client is treated with special care.

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