Do you know celebrities who play poker online?

Have you ever thought about who plays with you at the same table?

Who is hiding behind poker site avatars? Your opponent could easily be some celebrity. Maybe you are playing against Tobey Maguire who wants to test his spider sense at a cash game, or Matt Damon who tries to get the experience for his next role?

Many famous people like to measure their intellectual abilities at the poker table online.


Cristiano has been firmly associated with online poker for a long time. People started to talk about him back in 2010 when he played against Patrik Antonius on Full Tilt Poker (under the screen name CR7sete).

In 2015, he signed up to help promote PokerStars. The Portuguese star was using not a very intricate nickname – C. Ronaldo, and his fans were happy to have an opportunity to play with their idol. Under the contract, he played only at low stakes: multi-table SnGs for $15 and NL40 cache.

Seems dangerous when Cristiano bets on the river on such a board

Currently, the contract with PokerStars is over, but a warm relationship between the player and the biggest poker site has remained. It is known that after his move to Juventus the multiple Golden Ball winner continues to visit the PokerStars room in the .it domain. Cristiano’s current nickname remains a mystery. Probably, it’s known only to his loved ones, to Patrik Antonius, and maybe to Gonzalo Higuaín.

Many football players have turned their attention to online poker. We can mention the retired stars Ronaldo (“The Phenomenon”), Teddy Sheringham and Tomas Brolin; current top players such as Neymar Jr, Gianluigi Buffon, Gerard Pique. The latter came runner-up for €352,950 at the High Roller of the 2019 EPT Barcelona festival in August, while his teammate Arturo Vidal finished in fifth place for €134,460.

“Raise, huh? – I couldn’t not hear you”


Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul is an avid poker player (his nickname is Aron0621). When the high stakes games flourished on Full Tilt, and millions of dollars flew from side to side, Aaron threw a lot of money away at the tables. The actor sometimes even played during the shooting periods. It’s kind of the ideal schedule: cooking meth in the daylight, and collecting full houses after midnight.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have taken those free 50 bucks at PokerStrategy…”

As legalization of online poker in the US is still in the process, Aaron is eyeing the states where online gambling is officially allowed.

There are other famous actors who found themselves enjoying online poker: Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon – and all of them are known for being decent players.


Many chess players, despite their high intelligence, are afraid to mess with poker because of great emotional overload. But there are those who achieve a great success in both games. One such hero is Alexander Grischuk, a three-time world blitz chess champion (his nickname at PokerStars is JohnSmith).

Grandmaster Grischuk ponders his next move

Alexander prefers playing cache tables. His favorite variations are mixed games, exchange games, Omaha Hi-Lo. Although, luck has turned its back on the grandmaster recently, and his “second job” (as Alexander describes poker in his life) has become an additional expense item.

Ian Nepomniachtchi is another famous chess player who enjoys online poker. His current FIDE rating is 2776, 5th in the world. Chess prodigy Jeff Sarwer and Woman Grandmaster Almira Skripchenko are also worth mentioning. Almira’s poker tournament winnings exceed $250,000.


It doesn’t matter who you are: a student or a teacher, a football star or a businessperson – we all have one thing in common – our love for online poker. Every time we launch a client we hope to become a winner and conquer the peaks of the game.

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