Р2Р transfer fee changes at Skrill and NETELLER

During last 4 weeks commissions have changed twice.

It’s no wonder if you missed that – the new fees were published only on the official websites of these e-Wallets. And probably there were more important news around.

We’ll help you to sort it out and get familiar with the latest changes.

Р2Р transfer fee changes at Skrill and NETELLER

Who is affected?

The changes are relevant only for those users who never funded their accounts via the following methods:

  • credit/debit card;
  • bank transfer.

Changes history

The edition of fees from October 10, 2019, was effective until March, 18. As you can see from the table below, the cost of P2P transfer depends on the date of e-Wallet registration:


Fortunately, 3 weeks after March changes Skrill and NETELLER listened to the opinion of customers and made amendments by setting a fixed P2P transfer fee (without minimum cap).

If you are going to send money to another user, take a look at the actual tariffs:


The exact commission amount will be shown on the transfer confirmation screen.

How to lower the fee?

There are 2 ways:

  • fund your e-Wallet via bank transfer or card. After that the fee will be 1.45% for all P2P transfers;
  • obtain VIP Silver and send money for free – no matter the deposit method.

Our clients get VIP statuses on special terms:

  • Skrill VIP Silver: €5000 of deposits to merchants (instead of €15000);
  • NETELLER VIP Silver: $7500 (instead of $50000).

Also VipDeposits offers the following privileges:

  • account verification in 24 hours;
  • dedicated customer support.
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