How to verify NETELLER account

In order to increase limits and every customer must pass verification process. Otherwise, your annual limits will be $500-$2000 (depends on your country of residence).

To pass the verification you can:

Sign up at NETELLER

Note that every customer joining our program VipDeposits + NETELLER gets:
  • fast verification (24 hours, instead of 5-7 days),
  • VIP Bronze PRO for free, right after the verification is done.

Step-by-step instruction

Verification process on the NETELLER website

Go to the NETELLER website, and enter your email or account ID and password

To start verification process, it is necessary to make a deposit.

Therefore, you need to fund your account using any of the available methods: credit/debit card, bank account, Skrill, Bitcoin, P2P transfer, etc.

Please note that the upload fee is 2.5%.

It is not necessary to make a deposit for participants of the VipDeposits loyalty program.

Select your country and the preferred document from the drop-down menu:

Documents must be valid, high resolution, easy to read, clear, up to 1.5 MB.

Take a selfie via webcam (follow the on-screen instructions) and wait for confirmation (Documents Submitted).

This step can be completed by enabling geolocation or by uploading requested document.

Pay attention:

  • Document must be no older than 90 days,
  • Address must match the address that was registered in your NETELLER account,”
  • If your debit/credit card number is visible on the document, please block out the middle digits, except for the first 6 and last 4 (123456******0000),
  • Phone bills are not accepted.

You will be able to track all stages of verification in your account menu.

Verification results will be sent to your registered email address.

For this you need:

  • Log in to your NETELLER account via the mobile app (screenshot 1);
  • Click the “Verify your identity” button;
  • Select a document from the list: driver’s license, passport or ID-card;
  • Place the document so that it is placed in a frame. As soon as a frame appears around all sides of the document, the photo will be taken automatically;
  • Repeat the procedure with the second side of the document;
  • In the third step it will be suggested to make a selfie. Follow the on-screen instructions to take a photo of your face.

After a successful upload, you will see a message that the documents have been received and are in processing (screenshot 6).

The results of the verification of documents will be sent to the email specified during registration.

In the “Account Overview” section you will see: “Account Status – Verified”.

To get VIP Bronze PRO:

  • Send your NETELLER ID to [email protected].
  • or use the other channels (online chat on our website, Telegram: @VipDeposits_bot) to contact us and get a status upgrade.
  • Wait for a confirmation email from VipDeposits that VIP Bronze PRO has been assigned to your account.

Now you have an access to the following NETELLER benefits

  • free Net+ Prepaid Mastercard (available only to customers from European Economic Area countries);
  • unlimited account;
  • bonuses from VipDeposits.

Contact us if you have any questions or difficulties when verifying your NETELLER account. We will definitely help you.

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