NETELLER Verification by Loyalty Program | VipDeposits

How to verify NETELLER account

In order to get an unlimited account and join VipDeposits+NETELLER program every customer must pass verification process. Otherwise, your annual limits will equal $2000.

To pass the verification you can:

Note, that customers that joined VipDeposits + NETELLER program:

To pass the verification on NETELLER website you need to

log into your account and pass 5 easy steps:

Make a minimum deposit

The min. amount to verify your account is €4,5.

You can deposit with any method that suits you best: bank card, bank account, transfer from Skrill, bitcoin, internal transfers from another user or use any other financial services available.

Also, pay attention to deposit fees.

Specify security questions

In the drop-down menu pick a question and type in your answer.

The questions are quite common:

  • Mother’s maiden name,
  • first teacher’s name

and other.

Specify security questions

Pass the identity check

For this, you need to upload a scanned copy of your:

  • passport
  • driving license
  • ID-card,

by picking the appropriate document in the drop-down menu.

Documents must be valid, of high resolution, clear & easy to read, and up to 5 Mb.

Pass the identity check

Pass the address verification

You can confirm your address in two ways:

Pass the address verification
Pay attention:

  • the document must be no older than 90 days,
  • the address must match the one you indicated in your NETELLER account info.

Phone bills are not acceptable.

Verify account ownership

To verify account ownership you need to upload a photo with an identity document. For this you can use:

  • a webcam to make a picture right from your PC or laptop. You must first allow the browser to use the webcam (in the browser settings), specify the type of document (passport, driver's license or ID-card), its series, its validity, and issuing country;
  • NETELLER mobile application.

You can also pass the verification in NETELLER mobile application:

Log in to your NETELLER account using the app (screenshot 1);

  • Go to “Document scan” (screenshot 2);
  • Pick a document from the list – driving license, passport, or ID card;
  • Make sure it is has a cirrect positioning with the frame that appears once the doc is set appropriately. As soon as the frame becomes green on all sides, the picture is taken automatically;
  • Repeat the procedure with another side of the document;
  • The third step will be a selfie. There will be a frame with a face outline. Place your face correctly and within 5 seconds the picture will be taken automatically. You will see a countdown on the screen.

If everything goes successfully, you will see a message that your documents are being reviewed (screenshot 3).

The results of the verification process will be sent to your email indicated in personal account info.

VipDeposits customers have an alternative option of verifying their accounts in case if of any reason you can not pass it by the ways mentioned above.

Therefore, you can send a pack of all the required documents to [email protected]

However, if you choose this method, pay attention to the following rules that you must abide:

There should be user’s ID / company names indicated in the subject of your email - NETELLER / VipDeposits;

for example: 12345678/NETELLER/VipDeposits;

The documents must be signed as follows:

  • Account ID_1.jpg, Account ID_2.jpg, Account ID_3.jpg and so on. For instance, if you send passport scan and bank statement, you must name you ID document like Account ID_1, and your address documents – Account ID_2, where ID - is your Skrill account number;
  • or ID_DL.jpg, ID_AB.jpg, ID_Selfie.jpg, where ID is your Skrill account number, DL – passport, driving license, AB - a copy of the document confirming your address of residence, and Selfie – actually your selfie picture.

The documents should not be cut or changed in Adobe Photoshop, Windows editor or with the help of any other graphic tools. Any editing of the document will be considered as an attempt to falsify a document, and it will not pass the verification.

You will informed by the email on the results of the verification procedure.

VipDeposits customers can instantly get VIP Silver status right after their account verification is passed

In the section “Account overview” you will see “Account verified” (screenshot 1).

After that you need to:

We will send you an email once your account is granted with VIP Silver and your account status will change to VIP Silver as well (screenshot 2).

After verification you will be able to benefit from all offered advantages while working with NETELLER payment system including:

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to help.