For the comfort of their clients, NETELLER launched a mobile application which allows you to easily access your account via smartphones, tablets and etc. from both iOS and Android systems.

The NETELLER app is available in App Store and Google Play. However, Android version significantly differs from the iOS app.

NETELLER Application for Android

To install the mobile app:

  • go to Google Play,
  • search for NETELLER
  • and install the application,
  • enter your NETELLER email,
  • set your 5-digit PIN code (this one you will have to enter every time you log in to the app).

NETELLER application for Android allows:

  • to review your account;
  • and browse transaction history.

For now, that’s it.

NETELLER Application for iPhone & iPad

Clients using Apple products can also try the NETELLER app.

Using the app you can transfer the money to both your NET+ card and bank account

  • You can transfer funds to the NET+ card
  • Or to other NETELLER users.
  • Using the app you can withdraw money to both your NET+ card and bank account.
  • You can also receive and read messages from NETELLER support.

If you do not use NETELLER wallet right now, but planning to start in the future, we recommend you to read the instruction – how to sign up at NETELLER and join our NETELLER+VipDeposits Program to get all the benefits we offer.

You can also ask any related questions. For this just contact our support team.

VipDeposits + NETELLER

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