NETELLER Monthly Deposit Reports

If you want to receive NETELLER cashback, then once a month you must send us your deposit reports. If we recieve it  not later, than the 5th day of every month, following the reporting one.

Why do we need these reports?

  • Different merchants vary the % of the bonus for NETELLER users. Please refer to the corresponding table we have on the page Terms & Condition.
  • NETELLER does not provide us with a detailed merchant segmentation as long as such data is protected by the confidentiality agreement between us and NETELLER.
  • To come up with a precise calculations of your bonus we need detailed info about your deposits.

How do I make a report?

  • Log in to your NETELLER account.
  • Switch language to English (if needed).
  • Click on the History tab.
  • Choose the specific date in the appropriate column (Last month).
  • Click Apply.
  • Download the .csv file with transactions to your PC by clicking the Export button.
  • Upload this file in the form below and send it to us.

Monthly Payouts

The bonus will be sent directly to your NETELLER account during 15th-25th of the month following the reporting one.

Please see the table of payouts together with Terms & Conditions here.

Do not make any changes on the file, because if you mess these data up – it won’t be accepted by NETELLER.

  • Accepted file types: csv, xls, xlsx.