NETELLER Monthly Deposit Reports

In order to receive NETELLER cash back, you need to send us the report on your deposits once per month. Please send them before the 5th day of the following month.

Why do we need these reports?

Different merchants offer different size of bonuses. NETELLER does not provide us with the detailed merchant segmentation since all data is protected by the confidentiality agreement between the client and NETELLER.
To calculate the precise amount of your bonus we need a detailed information about your deposits.

How do I make a report?

  • Login to your NETELLER account. Switch language to English (if needed).
  • Click on the History tab.
  • Select a specific date in the appropriate column.
  • Click Apply.
  • Download the .csv file with the list of you transactions by clicking the Export button.
  • Upload this file using the form below and click SEND.

Monthly Payouts

The bonus will be credited to your NETELLER account during the 15th-25th days of the month following the reported one.

Please don’t edit the .csv file, otherwise it won’t be accepted by NETELLER.
  • Accepted file types: csv, xls, xlsx.