Virtual Card NETELLER
NET + Virtual Prepaid Mastercard

Net+ Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® is a convenient and reliable alternative payment tool to prepaid plastic NETELLER Net+ card.

You can use a virtual card for online purchases (and online payment services) almost everywhere where Mastercard® is accepted.

Each NETELLER client (even verified) residing in the EEA zone can apply the Net + Virtual Prepaid Mastercard®.

WHY USE NET+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard®

If a client does not wish to pay with his account or a Net+ Prepaid card on any site due to security reasons it might be safer to use a virtual card.

In addition, the client can set a limit on the amount of funds on a virtual card, specifying the maximum possible amount that will not be exceeded when paying with the NET + Virtual.

HOW DOES NET+ Virtual MasterCard® WORK

With the virtual card you can carry out the same transactions as you do with the usual one – pay for goods and services on the Intern

There are several exceptions. You can not use the virtual card for the purposes of gaming and gambling. For these purposes you can only use your account balance. In addition you can not use the virtual card for withdrawing cash or payments in off-line stores.

Tariffs and limits of the NET+ Virtual Card

  • The first Net + Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® virtual card can be ordered free of charge, for each subsequent card you will have to pay $3 (€2.5)
  • Verified users can issue up to 5 virtual cards
The cost of issuing the first cardFree
The cost of processing the second card and further€2,5/$3
Conversion fees1,29% – 3,99%
Available currency for the cardGBP, USD, EUR, CAD, SEK, DKK, AUD, JPY
For verified users$7000 per day

How to get Virtual NET+ Virtual prepaid Mastercard®?

Log into your NETELLER account and select “Net + Cards” on the left side of your account.

In the Virtual Cards menu, select Add Card.

Fill in the opened form, correctly specifying:

Card currency (we recommend using the same currency as the main NETELLER card account in order to avoid a conversion fee);
The name of the card (it must be 25 characters and differ from the name of the plastic card);
Limit (you can independently set the limit of used funds on the card);
Secure ID (the one you set during the registration);
Administrative fee*.
* Please note, the first card is issued for free, as it is immediately included in the account. Order of each subsequent card will cost €2.5/ $3

By sending a form, you will receive a notification that the new virtual card Net + Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® is ready for use. Also, the notification will contain the name of the card and the set limit.

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