Why were my documents for account verification rejected on MuchBetter? And what should I do next?

Scans or photos of documents sent in the app or by email should be clear and easy to read, otherwise they will not be accepted.
The following are the main reasons for rejection of verificatory documents:

  • The documents were issued more than 90 days ago (applies to documents for address confirmation).
  • The personal data in the document did not correspond with the data in the account.
  • Documents were sent in unsupported file formats – the acceptable file extensions or formats are JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, and PDF (for documents to be sent by email).
  • Copies sent were not made from their originals.
  • Documents were sent in inappropriate physical forms: worn or damaged; and/or with some information blurred or erased.
  • All corners of the document were not visible. You must send copies of the fully spread documents.
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