What limits are set for the MuchBetter card?

The following limits are set by default:


  • Ежедневно 5 транзакций, общая сумма 300 д.е;
  • 30 дней: 15 транзакций, общая сумма 2 000 д.е;
  • 365 дней: 180 транзакций, общая сумма 20 000 д.е.

Лимиты на суммы транзакции в точках продаж (POS):

  • Daily: 5 transactions, total amount 300 currency units (cu).
  • 30 days: 15 transactions, total amount of 2,000 cu;
  • 365 days: 180 transactions, total amount of 20,000 cu.

Limits on transaction amounts at points of sale (POS):

  • Daily: 4,500 Yandex units.
  • 30 days: 22,500 cu;
  • 365 days: 90,000 cu

The currency of your country of residence is applicable to the above amounts (EUR / GBP / PLN). For example, in the UK, daily transaction limits are 300 pounds, in Germany – 300 euros.

If you need higher limits, please contact customer support via the app.

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