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Get VIP Gold NETELLER level for €15 000

VipDeposits clients have a unique opportunity to raise their NETELLER account level to Gold.

To do so, you need to deposit €15 000 from your NETELLER account to merchants (poker room, casino, forex etc.) during 30 days from the moment of joining our program.

Regular requirements for the Gold status are deposits of $100 000 during a calendar year.

Having deposited €15 000 to merchants within 30 days from joining our program, you will automatically* receive VIP Gold for the whole calendar year!

*meaning that preliminary you:

  • signed up a new account using VipDeposits link and filled in the application form;
  • passed account verification;
  • received a FREE VIP Silver status for your account.

Note, that all participants of NETELLER+VipDeposits Program get a FREE VIP Silver level for their accounts.

Let’s compare the main advantages of VIP Silver & VIP Gold statuses

VIP SilverVIP Gold
Additional account in another currency+1 account+2 accounts
Bank withdrawal fee€10,5FREE
Currency exchange fee3,19%2,79%
NET+ ATM withdrawal fee1,75%$6 (€ 4)
Additional annual Reward Points9 00010 000
Reimbursement of the cost of depositing and withdrawing funds**NoYes
Cashback0.3% from the amount of deposits per month0.3% from the amount of deposits per month

**for Gold account holders there is a compensation for commission charges for depositing and withdrawing funds. The payment system returns up to 10 commissions per month.

How to get NETELLER VIP Gold with VipDeposits?

Sign up a new NETELLER account using our link, previously having cleared cache & cookies;
Fill in the application form to participate in our program;
Receive a confirmation email with instructions for account verification;
Verify your account;
After account verification tell us your ID and email, so we could submit a VIP request for you;
Get your account upgraded to VIP Silver;
Deposit €15 000 to merchants during 30 days;
Get instant VIP Gold for the whole calendar year!
VIP Gold is valid till the end of the calendar year. You need to deposit $50 000 to merchants during this time to retain VIP Silver, or $100 000 to retain VIP Gold status.

We would also like to remind, that you can get FREE VIP Silver status at Skrill right after account verification.

For this:

Within 2 days after verification your account will be upgraded to VIP Silver. Learn more about this status here.