How can I verify my ecoPayz account with VipDeposits?

Verification of the ecoPayz client’s personal account is a mandatory procedure, without which you can not get VIP status. Full verification includes the verification of identity and address. To pass it, you must send copies/scans/photos of the relevant documents to the email address of ecoPayz – [email protected]. In the message header (or subject), you must specify: VipDeposits docs; and you must send it using the email verified in the payment system.

VipDeposits clients are verified in an accelerated mode within two hours (on business days).

To pass the verification of identity, the client needs to send any of the following to ecoPayz:

  • Internal passport – the main page with a photo.
  • Driver’s license – copies of both sides.
  • ID card – copies of both sides.
  • Foreign passport – copies of the first two pages.

To confirm your address (or residence), you need to send any of the following to ecoPayz:

  • A utility bill showing your address and full name. The data in this document must necessarily match the information that was specified during registration.
  • Bank statement – it must contain your full name, address and the bank’s seal (important!).
  • Any other valid document confirming the specified residential address.

Copies must be of good quality, in color, with clearly visible corners and sides of the document, and no more than 5 MB in size. Otherwise, ecoPayz managers may refuse to verify your account.

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