NETELLER payment system

NETELLER is one of the world’s largest independent payment systems that provides online translation services around the world, covering almost 200 countries and working in 16 languages.

NETELLER allows you to quickly, reliably, and confidentially transfer and receive cash, as well as make money transactions in markets with no options to use traditional methods of payment.

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NETELLER allows you to:

Make instant money transfers, even if the recipient does not have a NETELLER account

Send money to both merchants and NETELLER account holders around the world – in more than 200 countries using 26 currencies

Get bonuses for transactions and loyalty, exchange them for money


The latest technologies of data protection and two-stage authentication provide your funds safety
The Net + Prepaid MasterCard® card * gives you all the benefits of regular bank cards, including withdrawals from any ATM around the world..
*Due to the restrictions imposed by MasterCard, the Net + Prepaid MasterCard cards have stopped working in countries outside the SEPA zone.
SEPA countries include: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Estonia, Bulgary, Great Britain, Hungary, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Iceland, Leichtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland.

Why NETELLER? is so good?

NETELLER is a service known to gamblers around the world, although it has only recently become really popular with online payments in stores within the Internet. The list of its services includes:

Online transfers to any user of the system by knowing only his/her email;


Charge free deposits and withdrawals at poker rooms, betting sites, and online casinos


Instant payments for goods and services using Internet;


$1000 limit for withdrawing cash from the Net + Prepaid MasterCard at all ATMs in the world (with VIP Bronze and Silver), and $3 300 per day for VIP Gold, Platinum and Diamond, as well as VipDeposits customers.


Crediting points for loyalty together with Rewards Points and exchanging them for money (with VIP Silver).


Premium statuses providing more favorable conditions for NETELLER using
A lot of shops, services, and websites around the world accept NETELLER as a payment method. The NETELLER staff includes 700 people. The company has formed a unique set of services that are operated by numerous departments of Paysafe Group.

NETELLER Geography

NETELLER operates in 197 countries, which is actually worldwide except:

  • Afghanistan,
  • Iraq,
  • Iran
  • Kyrgyzstan,
  • China (except Macau and Hong Kong),
  • North Korea,
  • Cuba,
  • Libya,
  • Syria,
  • Sudan,
  • Eritrea,
  • And Southern Sudan.

There is restricted service in Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Macao, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom, United States of America.


You can get access to your NETELLER wallet not only through the website but using a mobile application as well.

The service is translated into 16 languages and works with 26 currencies:

• AUD, Australian Dollar
• BGN, Bulgarian Lev
• BRL, Brazilian Real
• CAD, Canadian dollar
• CHR, Swiss Franc
• DKK, Danish Krone
• EUR, Euro
• GBR, British Pound Sterling
• HUF, Hungarian forint
• INR, Indian Rupee
• JPY, Japanese Yen
• MAD, Moroccan Dirham

• AUD, Australian Dollar
• BGN, Bulgarian Lev
• BRL, Brazilian Real
• CAD, Canadian dollar
• CHR, Swiss Franc
• DKK, Danish Krone
• EUR, Euro
• GBR, British Pound Sterling
• HUF, Hungarian forint
• INR, Indian Rupee
• JPY, Japanese Yen
• MAD, Moroccan Dirham

How NETELLER developed

1996In the UK, Netbanx Ltd is created, specializing in the processing of credit card payments. In the future, this company will be issuing plastic cards for NETELLER customers.

1997Optimal Payments Limited was founded in Canada. Its purpose is to accept and make payments in markets where traditional methods are not available. It was developing for several years until it chose the main segment for work – payments in online gambling.

1999NETELLER PLC was founded to present a payment solution in Great Britain.
2004Optimal Payments moves to the offshore area on the Isle of Man. The company already conducts about 80% of the world’s calculations in online gambling. 95% of the income is brought by transfers between deposits of gambling sites, for the most part, US citizens. The payment system takes the first place for all poker rooms and online casinos. Being a joint-stock company, it conducts an IPO and enters the London Stock Exchange (with the designation “OPAY”). By that time, its capitalization equals $ 70 million
2005NETELLER purchases Netbanx for £12.36 million. By that time, Netbanx independently handled credit card payments totaling £10 million. The company cooperated with the largest banks in the UK, as well as with MasterCard and Visa. NETELLER purchased it in order to provide plastic cards to its customers.
2006Legislative prohibition of online gambling is passed in USA. 250 thousand of NETELLER accounts are seized by the authorities. The clients of those accounts could get back their money only on July of 2007. The company couldn’t work with clients from the USA, and it was reflected in its earnings for several years (it fell from $239 million in 2006 to $ 61 million in 2010). It was difficult times for Optimal Payments.
NETELLER, on the contrary, increases its rates:  increases its rates: the company has 3.5 million customers, 640,000 of them actively use the payment system. Turnover was $1.86 billion, and from every dollar the company received $0.138 of revenue. Net profit already then totaled $102 million.

NETELLER expands its influence expands its influence across Europe, opening access to German, French, Spanish and Italian customers, and also launches a separate platform for the Asian region.

2008The NETELLER management decides to rename the company to Neovia Financial PLC. In the same year, virtual prepaid cards appear in the payment system.

2010Neovia starts accepting online payments on the territory of Russia and Ukraine. The company will arrive in Belarus in 2014.
2011Neovia acquires Optimal Payments, a company dedicated to supporting solutions for payment systems in North America and Europe. At that time, it independently serviced payments totaling $2.5 billion a year. The total amount of the transaction is $50 million. A month later, the company changes its name to Optimal Payments PLC.
2014Optimal Payments is buying California-based Meritus Payments Solutions and American Global Merchant Advisors for $263 million.

Due to the development of these companies, it was possible to significantly improve the speed and quality of the payment system.

2015Optimal Payments acquires a competitive payment service Skrill for €1.1 billion and changes its name to Paysafe Group. (The text of the Skrill’s preliminary public agreement on Optimal Payments PLC was published on the London Stock Exchange on March 23, 2015).

The two largest services Skrill and NETELLER combine their resources.

Currently NETELLER has representative offices in Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong and Costa Rica. Several companies are working on the service at once. The service is licensed by the British FCA, which controls compliance with European economic security standards.

The company key figure is Joel Leonoff, president and CEO of the parent company Paysafe Group. He is engaged in management and handles all processes in the company, including major transactions.

In 2016 Paysafe Group owning all the companies that provide the NETELLER work, achieved revenue of $1 billion, that is 63% more than last year. $311 million of this revenue was brought exactly by the company’s payment systems. At the same time, operating profit was $194.4 million, according to the company’s annual report.

Leonoff said that it was an excellent year, and the company has great plans for the future:

«We have a lot of ambitions associated with rapidly developing areas. We will continue our strategic investment and begin developing a consolidated, comprehensive and scalable payment platform. I am convinced that the company is able to maintain positive dynamics in 2017. We are really passionate about supporting products and services in the face of the changing needs of consumers and sellers in the evolving digital economy.».

Judging by Leonoff’s comments, and according to the latest reports, Paysafe is developing a payment system that will combine all the most convenient features of NETELLER and Skrill. It is not yet known when a new product may appear, but it should be even more convenient, interesting, and effective.

NETELLER & Security

First and foremost, Paysafe is an authorized agent of FCA for issuing electronic money (UK VAT GB 002 4257 28). FCA regulates issues related to security protocols, combating money laundering, protection against identity theft and fraud.

NETELLER verification is conducted according to FCA’s request. To competently pass it, you need to provide certain documents:

  • Identity documents (for example, a passport or driver’s license);
  • A document confirming the address (an extract from the bank, or a receipt of payment for housing and communal services),
  • And a photo (selfie) with the document.

For customers who have been verified, transaction limits are much higher, and commissions are minimal or completely absent.

Those users who connect to our NETELLER + VipDeposits program immediately after the verification of the account receive a premium Silver status.

2-Step Authentification

NETELLER additional security is provided by two-step authentication, launched in conjunction with Google Authenticator. Every time you log in your NETELLER account, in addition to the password, the system will request a one-time code that is generated by a special application in your smartphone.

To connect the service and increase the security of your wallet, you should do the following actions:

Для подключения двухэтапной аутентификации в NETELLER и повышения безопасности вашего кошелька необходимо совершить несколько действий:

  • Install the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone* (the app is free).
  • Log in to your NETELLER account.
  • Select the “Options” item.
  • Open the “Security” section.
  • Click the Enable button in the 2-Step Verification section.
  • Click “Start” and enter your secret code.
  • Select the type of smartphone and enter the one-time code generated by the application to complete 2-step verification.

*Please note that 2-step verification does not apply to Windows smartphones.

Each time you log in to your NETELLER account or when paying on partner sites, the system will request a one-time security code for 2-step verification. You no longer need to enter the secret code that you used earlier when you were using NETELLER.

Your funds at NETELLER account will now be under the protection of the highest level.

Therefore, to keep the clients’ accounts safe and secure NETELLER uses:

Data encryption (128-bit coding system)

Antivirus software

24-hour monitoring of each payment

3D Secure – a unique PIN for each transaction

Client verification

Storage of funds on special trusted accounts

NETELLER services

Deposit options

You can top up NETELLER account in 60 ways. The most common deposit options are::

2.5% for all status

2.5% for all status

2.5% for all status

2.5% for all status


NETELLER offers two options for withdrawing funds: bank account and the NET+ card.

€10,5 – for common accounts and Bronze and Silver VIP statuses;

free – for Gold, Platinum and Diamond statuses.

NETELLER card (Net+Prepaid MasterCard®) withdrawal fee for ATM is:1,75% – for common accounts and Bronze and Silver VIP statuses;

$6 (€4) for Gold, Platinum and Diamond statuses.

Please note, that when depositing or withdrawing funds from NETELLER account, a conversion fee is possible. Its amount depends on the status of the account.
Find out about all options of deposits and withdrawals on the official NETELLER website.

VipDeposits will help you get the VIP Silver status right after your account is verified

NETELLER premium statuses

Through premium statuses NETELLER implemented a more profitable program for using an electronic wallet for VIP customers:






The higher the status – the more benefits you get!

Among the benefits of VIP clients, one can find:

Guaranteed protection against fraudLower commission for currency exchange
If suddenly (which is unlikely) you will lose funds due to unauthorized fraudulent actions with the NETELLER account, the company will reimburse 100% of the losses.NETELLER VIP users have lower commission for exchanging currencies for any transactions with currency conversion.
Preferential deposit and withdrawals of fundsFlexible limits for transactions
The commission fee is minimal or completely absent, depending on the status.Despite initially high limits, each VIP user can increase them to the required level.
Different currency accountsA high limit for withdrawal of funds from the ATM with NET+
If your VIP status is above Bronze, you can open a second account in another currency, which will save on commissions for exchanging currencies while traveling abroad or paying for purchases on international websites.VIP users of Gold, Platinum, and Diamond statuses can withdraw $3,300 per day. Users of Bronze and Silver accounts can withdraw up to $1,000 per day.
The amount of withdrawal in ATM is $3300 per day for VipDeposits customers.

Reward points for transactions and loyalty

The VIP user receives bonus Reward Points for each transaction: Bronze, Silver and Gold for every $1 or the equivalent amount – 1 point, Platinum – 1.25 points and Diamond – 1.5 points. Accumulated points are exchanged for money or goods. In addition to Rewards Points, NETELLER presents an annual bonus for every year of using the payment system.

How do I get a VIP status at NETELLER?

You can get the premium status at NETELLER:

VIP status conditionsWith VipDepositsOn common conditions. Required transaction amount to merchants per calendar year
Bronze$10 000
SilverPass account verification$50 000
Gold€15 000$100 000
Platinum$500 000
Diamond$2 000 000

Статус действителен весь календарный год.
The status is valid for the calendar year.

To extend the status of Silver for the next year, you need to make deposits to merchants (online casinos, poker rooms, forex, etc.) for a total of $50 000 (per year) and fill out the application form.


Almost all fees in the payment system depend on the status of the account. You can find more details about commissions and fees here.

Terms of obtaining a VIP statusFor common accountsVIP BronzeVIP SilverFor VipDeposits usersGold
Account openingfreefreefreefreefree
Deposit/Withdrawal to poker rooms, betting sites, casinos*free*free*free*free*
Internal transfers at NETELLER1,45%, min €0,501,45%, min €0,50freefreefree
Net+ Mastercard ATM withdrawal fee1,75%1,75%1,75%1,75%$6 (€4)
Exchange fee3,99%3,79%3,19%3,19%2,79% – 1,29%
Net+ Mastercard** shops purchasesfreefreefreefreefree

*Deposit / withdrawal of funds in poker rooms, bookmakers, and online casinos – almost always free, with rare exceptions (i.e. bwin takes around 4,9%).

** New cards are only issued to SEPA countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Estonia, Bulgary, Great Britain, Hungary, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Iceland, Leichtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland.

What you should consider while working with NETELLER?

NETELLER and Skrill are a payments system that divides the first place in the world of online gambling. It may be more convenient to make Internet purchases with ordinary bank cards or whatever you prefer, however, NETELLER is indispensable for operations with forex brokers, bookmakers, and poker rooms.

To confidently use NETELLER you should know about several of its shortcomings:

  • First, there is no withdrawal to the bank card, only to the bank account..
  • Second, if you withdraw to bank account in USD, you will have to pay double conversion as long as the processing of bank withdrawals are held in EUR.
  • New NETELLER users who live outside the SEPA zone can not order either a NET+ card or a virtual NET+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard. However, existing users (who have already ordered a card at least once) can re-order it again after the expiration date.

To solve issues you have to call to international support.

If you want your problem to be solved the fastest way possible, please, contact us.

Benefits of the VipDeposits + NETELLER loyalty program

  • Instant upgrade of the NETELLER account to VIP Silver.
  • Fast NETELLER verification.
  • Possibility to open an account in the second currency.
  • Internal transfers at NETELLER – for VIP Silver+.
  • Free Net+ Plastic Prepaid Mastercard® – for VIP Silver+.
  • Personal VIP support.
  • NETELLER Rewards Points Store.
  • VipDeposits Affiliate Program.
  • Unlimited amount of transactions within the system, increased limits on transfers: the max amount of one transaction is $100 000.
  • Assistance in depositing/withdrawing funds. Solutions for unordinary issues.

You will be granted the highest transfer deposits and withdrawals limits of funds in just one business day. Please, find out more about our VipDeposits + NETELLER program, register or fill out the application form (if you already have a NETELLER account) and get all the advantages of working with VipDeposits.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about VipDeposits NETELLER, please contact us.

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